April 20, 2016



Hey hey HEY!!! Welcome to my blog!! I’m so excited for this blog. I have been needing a space to call my own and really just something of my own that doesn’t involve 2 little girls and a husband lol! I love nothing more than being a MRS and a mama but I still need to be Mary, too. So this is what that looks like for me! I’m calling this my style diary, because that’s what it is. At least for right now. I LOVE dressing up. Most of my days are spent in yoga pants and these amazing pants that my husband absolutely loves. Not really. They are the most unflattering pants on this earth and he despises them haha! So, when I have an opportunity to dress up and feel like a woman, sign me up. Most days I will just go in my closet and put together outifts while Jade naps, even though I’m not going anywhere that day. I just love to create and come up with new ideas.

This first outfit I chose because I can’t get enough of dresses lately. Particularly, swing dresses. I feel like they flatter every shape and size. Being tall, I sometimes deal with dresses being too short, so I paired it with this super cute long sweater from H&M, my favorite sandals and a hat. I used to always want to be a “hat girl” so badly. I would try them on and feel like I looked ridiculous but I just decided one day to say screw it and wear them anyway! I think they’ve grown on me, because I think they look alright 🙂

I also wanted to include a picture of my insanely talented photographer, Sophia Rose! She is my 5 year old daughter and rolls her eyes when I ask her to take my pic but then gets so into it and I end up with a hundred pics and most of them are selfies!!!


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