April 27, 2016

Crop tops and overalls

So, I am a mom and I’m also in my (mid) 30’s. Not sure how appropriate it is for me to wear a crop top but I absolutely love them. I have been trying them on with different things and realized overalls are the perfect thing to wear them with.

It shows just a little stomach but not enough to where you get looks from unapproving eyes:) I recently had a little shopping trip to Zara and found this AMAZING crop top and fell in love at first site. Sounds cheeseball, but it’s true. I walked into the store and my eyes immediately found this top. My torso is unusually long, so crop tops (how many times can I say crop top) are extra short on me but pairing it with my overalls is just perfect. I found my overalls at Old Navy, shocker, and they are a skinny fit, so they are on the tighter side. There are so many good options for overalls right now and I have linked a few pairs and also some cute crop tops that could go with them! What are your thoughts on overalls in general?? Yay or nay?

P.S. Zara is KILLING it right now. We are lucky enough to have a store here in Dallas, but if don’t have a store, definitely check them out online!




Mary ♥


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