May 4, 2016

Cake for lunch


Today we went to the cutest bakery in Dallas and had cake for lunch with some of our besties. The store front is the most amazing shade of blue and of course I had to beg Sophia to take my picture in front of it:) I love exploring this city and trying out new places. Not only did did I have the best lunch ever, but the jeans I am wearing today are my “before baby skinny jeans” that I haven’t been in in a LONG time!! Insert hands in the air emoji!! I am determined to be the best that I can be this year, and that includes my health. So, getting in these jeans is a big pat on the back for me. Hashtag the little things:)

I have recently been taking inventory of my closet and realized I maybe only wear 30% of my clothes. Which I’m sure is normal for most people because you get comfortable with certain pieces but I am trying to “shop my closet” before shopping elsewhere. I have been known to have a shopping addiction.. shocker, I know. I want to spend less and use more of what I already have. That is soooo much easier said then done, especially when I scroll through Instagram or go to the mall, but I am going to try. I shopped my closet last night and found these black Zara booties that I got a few years ago and decided to wear them. For some reason I never wear black shoes. I am more of a tan or neutral shoe person but I love these boots so much and don’t want them to go to waste! Again, trying to be better in all areas. It really is fun to look at all your clothes and piece together different outfits. You would be amazed at how many different outfits you can make with just a few pieces. I’m working on a few posts about that for the next couple weeks.

The outfit I’m wearing today is Zara and H&M. The jeans and boots are old but the shirt is fairly new and I absolutely love the cut and flow of it. Super cute for summer. Absolutely love the color too paired with a red lipstick. Sorry for the upcoming picture overload. We kinda went crazy today with pics.



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