May 5, 2016



My beautiful and amazing friend, Jessica, introduced me to Poshmark. I had never heard of it and before I heard of it I always went on Ebay to find deals on clothes. I initially signed up to sell some clothing but quickly realized what a gem it is for deals! Selling has been great for me on there as well. You have to be patient, but you get way more than you would at Plato’s Closet. The outfit in this post cost me a total of 12 dollars!! (the boots not included) I have found some really great pieces through Posh.

If you are selling, the key is to model everything. People want to see what it looks like on. Also, be honest about any flaws in the piece. If you are buying, spend time searching and don’t be afraid to offer low because you never know what the seller’s bottom line is. There’s been times I thought for sure I was going to offend the seller with my offer, and they accepted it! Of course being on the end of the seller, a low ball offer is annoying lol but ya gotta do what ya gotta do for a deal. Am I right?! Have I convinced you yet?! I swear they aren’t paying me for this post, but I wish they would haha! If you sign up, use code PRNAQ and get 10 dollars off your first purchase. You can find me on there at @maryscloset19

Happy Poshing!

Some of my favorite Posh purchases below. Can not wait to wear that Sam Edelman coat!!



Mary ♥

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