May 6, 2016



I have a love/hate relationship with summer. As most people, I’m sure, I don’t enjoy getting in a swimsuit. If you find the right one though, and have a little confidence and a lot of “who cares” then you can actually enjoy it! We ALL have our flaws and everyone (usually) is just as insecure in a bathing suit, so really who cares! Last summer I had just had a baby and all I have are bikinis. I was DEFINITELY not in bikini shape but I wore it anyway, because I was not trying to impress anyone and I was proud of what my body had just produced.

I think if you wear confidence, that’s the most important thing. I walked around my neighborhood pool like I was all that and then some!!! The older I get, the more confident in my own skin I am. I truly do not care what anyone thinks about how I look or what I am wearing. Being a mother has helped with that as well. I want my daughter’s to see a mom who does not bash her body or image but rather celebrates being a woman, flaws and all. Because flaws are beautiful!! Who wants to be perfect?? Perfect is boring!

There are some adorable suits below and I want them all:) Don’t be afraid to mix prints!! I love pairing stripes with floral or 2 different colors for top and bottom. I am obsessed with Mara Hoffman suits. They are insanely adorable, however, very expensive. My thinking is that if you find the perfect suit, it’s worth the money. If it makes you feel great about your bod, spend it 😉  Anthropologie has great suits, as well as Nordstrom. For inexpensive suits, I would definitely go to H&M or Old Navy. Especially if you are just wanted basic cut and design.

So wear your swimsuit with confidence this summer because YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!! ♥


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