May 9, 2016

One shirt, 3 different ways


I am going to start a series of posts on picking one top or bottom and different ways to style that piece of clothing. I’ve been trying to do that lately since I am on a shopping freeze. Just with one button down shirt, the possibilities are endless. I chose a white button down shirt, that most people have in their closet. It is so classic and so versatile.I bought mine from Gap and I highly recommend them for this type of shirt. Gap is really good at classic pieces.

I started first with a pair of jeans. This can really be any jean, colored or blue. The great thing about this shirt, is that it looks great with a pair of ripped jeans, or a pair of really nice blue jeans. Also with a pair of black jeans, or colored jeans/pants. I have it either tucked in fully, or tied at the waist.

Next I have it paired with a high waisted skirt and tied at the waist. I love this look with something high waisted because it draws your attention to your waist and is very flattering. It could be done with a long or short skirt, like I have here, It would be cute with a pleated high waist long skirt. Also would be cute with some high waist jeans.

Lastly I have it paired with some cut-off jean shorts. I love this look because it adds some dimension to the outfit, pairing rough with classic. I also am not wearing any jewelry besides a watch  and I love the clean look of it.

I hope this helps inspire new outfits! Will be sharing more of this next week.



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