May 13, 2016

Off shoulder for the win


My absolute favorite trend this season is off shoulder tops and dresses. It’s no secret, since it’s pretty much all I wear lately. It is such a feminine and flattering cut and shows off one of the prettiest parts of the body, the neck and shoulders. There are SO many good options for off shoulder right now. Every store I go into has them. This particular one I’m wearing in these photos is from Zara and they have so many more great options right now. Which I will link a ton below. I love pairing the Chambray with denim. Denim on denim can be difficult so just make sure to mix different color denims, if you do.

This Zara top is a crop top so I paired it with a pair of mid-rise jeans from Target. I would pair an off shoulder top with literally anything. Jeans, skirts, shorts and there will be plenty more posts showing how to style those😉 What does everyone think about off shoulder? Are you as crazy about it as I am??



We are currently on vacation and have one day left here. I am feeling the “going home blues” today, so I plan on parking it by the beach all day!

Happy Friday, everyone!




  1. Meredith says

    Love this post! Love off the shoulder! Love this blog! Love this woman!

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