May 18, 2016

Pleats and leather


I am loving midi dresses right now. Being 5’9 I feel like they hit my legs in just the right place. I found this dress at Asos a while back and it’s still in stock! Asos is great because they have a huge selection and they always have sales and coupons. Their sizing can be a little tricky though. I’ve had to order enough times and fail, to figure out what size I am in their clothing. It’s usually my go to when I need a dress. They aso have adorable maternity clothes (which I won’t need ever again, YAHOO!!!!) but if you are preggers, check them out, and yay for you lol just not me haha!



So I found this one on there a while ago and love it. I’m trying to incorporate more color into my wardrobe. I actually have a ton of color, I just usually gravitate towards black and white. I paired it with a faux leather moto jacket from Blank NYC and it’s by far my favorite jacket. I love wearing a leather jacket with a very feminine dress. And of course, I’m wearing my favorite booties 🙂 These were a great purchase because I wear them all the time but also not a great purchase because they are all I want to wear!!I will try and switch it up.. Maybe 😉 It’s also very twirl worthy, which I love!


Happy Wednesday!!!


Mary ♥


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