May 20, 2016

Lipstick love


These are the 4 Lipsticks I wear on repeat. They are the perfect colors to use on a regular basis and they all stay on FOREVER! Which is like hitting the jackpot. What’s even better, is the 3 lipsticks are only 2.99!!! Good ole Target strikes again. The lip gloss is from Lark Beauty and it’s the only lip gloss I wear. It gives the perfect shine and stays on all day. No joke! Plus it smells yummy..Bonus!

I never used to wear any lipstick at all, only chapstick. Well, I take that back. I used to wear the most hideous dark auburn lipstick when I was a teenager and it looked absolutely ridiculous. I would line my lips with a dark red then fill it in with a matte color stay pen. I felt so unbelievably hot though LOL!!! Oh the things we did as teenagers!!! I need to find a picture of that and when I do, I will post it. It’s too good not to share!

Once I tried adding color, it was a total game changer. It adds so much to an outfit. It’s like the finishing touch. I love wearing red because you can go light on all the other makeup since your lips stand out so much. I usually only wear mascara with a red color. I usually pair the pink color with a grey smokey eye. The gloss goes with any and all makeup because it’s the perfect neutral. The berry color looks pretty with gold eye shadow but really looks great with anything as well. If you don’t normally wear lip color, just try it one day. I promise once you get used to wearing it, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t been all along! I’m probably speaking to the choir here, but I was hesitant not that long ago. What are your favorite colors and brands? I’m always on the search for new lip colors.

The colors above are from the Essence line at target.

#12 blush my lips, #9 wear berries, and #13 love me.

The Lip Gloss is Lark Beauty and it’s #169


Wearing my favorite color right now, #12 Blush my lips ♥



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