May 30, 2016

cape blazer

blazer cape 5

I’ve been wanting a cape blazer for a long time and finally found this white one from Forever 21. It is surprisingly pretty good quality and was exactly the style I was looking for. Plus it’s white, which is perfect for summer. The theme for this outfit is red, white, and blue for memorial day! I love pairing cut offs or ripped jeans with a high heeled sandal. Kind of like pairing my leather jacket with the pleated dress, a few posts ago. There are so many outfits I have planned for this blazer! My daughter looked at the cape on the hanger and asked if I was dressing up as a super hero today haha! Gotta love the honesty of kids 🙂

blazer cape 2

I got these vintage Levi’s from the insta shop, Foxandtrotter, and I am over the moon with them. I already have a love (obsession) with cut offs and these take it to a whole other level. There’s something about vintage, worn in Levi’s, they just fit perfectly.

What do you think of the cape blazer? Would you wear it?

Hope everyone has had a great holiday weekend and has a wonderful Memorial Day!



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