June 6, 2016

10 years strong


This past weekend, my hubby and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. That is no small accomplishment, in my mind!! Especially because we are both very hard headed and have a hard time letting go of things. We have certainly been through our share of battles, some that almost took us out, and I am happy to say that after 10 years, we are together and strong. I am very thankful for my husband. He is our rock and puts up with all our fabulous drama 🙂 Being the only guy in a house with 3 girls can be very loud and emotional!


We spent the night away at a hotel and had a fabulous dinner at one of Dallas’ best steak houses, called Nick and Sams. We ate more than our weight in food and enjoyed every second of our time away. It’s so good to get out of the norm, even for just a night, and connect with each other.


I found this dress at Nordstrom Rack a while ago for 25 dollars!! I love it when I score like that. It’s lace and red, which to me, screams anniversary. The back of this dress is so pretty and is what initially caught my eye.


It’s such a feminine dress and I felt so pretty in it 🙂 I paired it with nude sandals, because red and nude go perfectly together and these shoes are the perfect height heel for me.


I’m looking forward to 50 more anniversaries with this man ♥



Mary ♥

I’ve linked a similar dress and these exact shoes. The clutch is vintage.

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