June 8, 2016

Ripped jeans and new boots


For our anniversary we stayed at the Stonleigh Hotel in Dallas and it was such a cute hotel. We were there one night and I brought about 4 different outfits lol. My husband thinks I’m nuts, but whats new?! I always over pack, regardless where or for how long. When I originally got these jeans, it wasn’t long after my second baby was born so I still had some weight to lose. They are low rise, and let’s be honest, low rise after kids is basically a no go, but I am finally back down to my pre baby weight and they seem to fit better. The brand is Sneak Peek, boyfriend fit, and They actually fit really well in the legs and love having the cuff at the bottom. It looks cute with a heel or booties.


This necklace was one of my anniversary presents, and I absolutely love it. It’s Kendra Scott, which is actually my first time having anything Kendra Scott! I feel like I’ve been living under a rock, but I love her stuff. I love how simple and gorgeous this is.


I recently got these booties from DSW and they are my new go to boot. The color is perfect and they are so comfortable. I can’t get enough of peep toe right now! The brand is Aubrey Brooke.



Mary ♥

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