June 20, 2016

Weekend roundup


We had a low key Father’s Day weekend and it was really nice to just chill. The weather is HOT here so there’s not much more I can wear than shorts or dresses lately. By now, you should know that these are my favorite cut offs 😉 and you can assume they will be paired with an off shoulder ha! I joked on my Insta that I need to enter a denim and off shoulder support group.

| TOP | SHORTS (similar) | SANDALS | BAG (black or grey) | TASSEL NECKLACE (similar) |


For Father’s Day we had lunch and then went to this weird store called a book store??? Anyone heard of that anymore?! It was actually our second time there this weekend because it’s kind of perfect for us and the kids. Take them to the kid section and let them go nuts while we sit there and look at magazines or read… WIN! We ended the day at the pool 🙂 It was a good day all around.

| DRESS (similar) | HAT | NECKLACE |


And of course we celebrated this hunk! We love this guy SO much and are so thankful that he willingly puts up with ALL our fabulous drama 🙂


Mary ♥


  1. Jessica Brickey says

    I love JW too! POWERS for the win!

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