June 24, 2016

Striped off the shoulder goodness


First off, this shirt is on sale!! Zara has started their summer sale and you don’t want to miss it! I currently have 5 things in my shopping cart, but don’t worry, JW, just looking 😉 This off the shoulder top is one of my new favorites. I loveeeee the way it looks with jeans and it will look adorable with my white jeans too. It stays perfectly on your shoulder, which is an annoyance for most off shoulder tops.



I have been wearing a ton of hats lately. Mostly due to the fact that I have no idea how to curl my hair and this weather makes it impossible to have it remotely look cute. You would think curling hair would be a no brainer, but nope. I’m dyslexic with a curling iron.


I wish the jeans were on sale, but they are still full price 🙁 BUT, they are a great fit and worth the price, in my mind. I just got paid today and it is going to take EVERYTHING IN ME to not drive to Zara today. My saving grace will be my 2 kids and knowing how un-fun that will be with them.

Does anyone have any fun plans this weekend? We will be laying low and hopefully getting a few things done around our house. I feel like it’s impossible to keep up with everything!!

Have a great weekend!



Mary ♥


| TOP | JEANS | CROSSBODY BAG (similar) | HAT | SANDALS (similar) |



  1. Jessica Brickey says

    Netflix. Those are my fun plans 👏🏼

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