June 28, 2016

My favorite face products


I have been using these 3 products for a while now and love them all. I have been using moisturizer on my face since I was around 12. I can’t stand the feel of my face without it. I used to use Clinique face moisturizer until I tried this heavenly face cream! I get a Glossybox once a month and this Fresh lotion was in there and I’ve been hooked ever since. Glossybox is a monthly beauty box delivered to your house and I love it. I’m not huge on going to the store for beauty or hair products so this allows me to try different things. I also get Ipsy and it’s great for trying new beauty products too. Basically, I love getting things delivered to my door 🙂


Just the cucumber smell of this lotion is so refreshing and then when you put it on, you’re sold. I hate for my face to feel greasy and I equally hate when I put on lotion and then 5 minutes later, it feels dry again. This face moisturizer is perfectly balanced. Since I get those beauty boxes, I have tried quite a few different face moisturizes and my face started breaking out a bit. I have since only used this one and my skin looks and feels great.

beauty23 IMG_0334

These face and eye masks from BioRepublic have also been in my beauty boxes and that’s how I’ve found them. I love doing face masks, I just never want to put the effort into smearing gunk all over my face and then scrubbing it all off 20 minutes later. That’s why these are perfect. All you do is peel them off the wrapper, place on your face and relax. When the time is over, just throw it away and rub in the remainder product on your face. How easy is that! They have multiple different options and I love them all. I highly recommend trying them.


Lastly is Clinique face soap. I have been using this soap since I was a teenager. It is very mild and doesn’t dry out my face. To be fair, I haven’t tried any other face soap, but I love this so I haven’t felt the need to switch. It’s a huge bar and it lasts for a long time. I buy it maybe once a year?? The lotion also lasts longer than a month. I would say it lasts at least 2 months, depending on how much you use at one time. I probably use less than normal because a little goes a long way. I am a creature of habit when it comes to beauty and hair products so when I find something I love, I don’t stray! If you try and of these out, let me know how you like them!


Mary ♥




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