July 14, 2016

Mustard goodness

mustard goodness5

I realize it’s 100 degrees here in Dallas, but when you’re dying to wear this new jacket, you at least deal with the heat just to get the shot 😉 I am so obsessed with this color. I mentioned in one of previous posts my love for leather jackets and all of them are black, so I am happy to welcome this lovely color in the mix. I got this from Zara, of course, but for a steal of a deal with their sale going on! It seems to run small so keep that in mind, if you buy it.

mustard goodness4

This dress is also a score since it was only 12 dollars! It’s nothing fancy but when you add a jacket, it takes it up a few notches. And you can’t go wrong with stripes!

mustard goodness3

mustard goodness 6

The shoes are Franco Sarto from Nordstrom Rack and I highly recommend them! I realize they look like every other shoe in my closet, being beige and all, but they are super cute and comfy 🙂

Hooray for it being almost Friday!! And almost my birthday YEEHAWWW!!



Mary ♥



Dress from H&M but only available in store and I can’t find my shoes anywhere online 🙁 but they had a ton in store if you have a Rack by you!



  1. Jessica Brickey says

    Best color ever

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