July 15, 2016

Rompin it up


I am not normally a romper kind of gal. I LOVE the look and when I see someone else wearing one, I wish I could pull it off. My torso is so long and they never fit right. Same thing with one piece swim suits for me 🙁 However, I saw this in H&M and thought I’d try it, and it worked!! I had to go up a size from my normal and I think that made the difference for me. It’s kind of great because it’s an adult onsie! A no brainer outfit.


I love this color blue. I’m beginning to see just how much blue I wear. My whole Instagram feed is blue! I especially love it paired with these shoes and bag. These are definitely my go to shoe now. I wish I could find them online for you!! It’s frustrating when something is only available in store. This romper is one of them. I’m not sure why 75% of H&M’s products are not available online. Kinda sucks!


I really don’t have anything to link since none of it is available, BOO! So I’ll link some similar items that are equally as cute.

Happy Friday!!!



Mary ♥


| SIMILAR ROMPER here and here | SIMILAR SHOES here and here | BAG |


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