July 18, 2016

Floral top and some rambling :)

Floral top 3

I found this top at Urban Outfitters while I was in St. Louis and it was on sale! Y’all know me and my crop tops 😉 This one is a little on the shorter side, even for me, but I love the way it looks with my high waist jeans. Plus I got a compliment on my outfit while out, so that made me feel better about it. It’s open in the back so I think that’s why I’m on the verge about it, but that’s one of my favorite parts about the top!


Floral top 1

I paired it with my red Sole Society kitten heels. I absolutely LOVE pink and red together. It has to be the right shades of both, but when it’s done right, it looks so good! I actually hadn’t bought anything from Sole Society but was pleasantly surprised at their selection and their prices as well.


Floral top 4

Have I convinced you yet to try high waist with a crop top?!! I’m know it’s not for everyone. I’m sure some people look at me and think I’m ridiculous while out, but truthfully, I don’t care! I don’t wear things to please people and that’s been something that I’ve always felt. I am comfortable in anything from workout gear to this outfit and anything in between. Most of my days are spent in spandex pants and and a stained shirt so when I get to dress up, I love it. This is who I truly am. I am happy when I love my outfit and feel put together. The great thing about fashion is that it’s whatever YOU feel confident in. If you like it, wear it! I don’t go by the rules and I don’t think you should either.
Since we moved to Texas, I hadn’t been feeling very cute. I would wear my jean shorts and that was as dressy as I’d get. Nothing wrong with that AT ALL, but I love to get dolled up and go do things. That was the problem, we didn’t (don’t) really do a whole lot! It’s rare to get a night out, with 2 kids and no babysitter, so there wasn’t a need for cuteness. That’s why I feel more alive with this blog! It gives me a chance to get back into my style, and I’m loving it. Looking cute is obviously not what’s most important, but I certainly don’t think there’s anything wrong with it either. I know for sure, that when I feel better about my appearance, I feel better overall. Staying fit also plays a part in that, for me. If i have been eating like crap and not exercising, you better stay away from this psycho!! It is a must for my whole family’s well being that I stay active haha!
I’m sorry for rambling. When I get to typing, I kind of can’t stop! My birthday is tomorrow and every time that rolls around, it makes me take a step back and look at where things are at in my life. My goal is to be “whole” for my family this next year. By being whole I mean, being my best in every area. Or trying my best. Not perfection, but striving to be better. A few things are lacking right now and that’s not the path I want to be on for my 35th year. I want to get better with the little things. I won’t go into them but I have a list and I’m going to try and keep that list in the forefront of my mind and do my best for this next year. I’ve realized that things aren’t slowing down the older my kids get. More is on my plate now than it ever has been and that probably won’t stop anytime soon. BUT! God has equipped me to be able to handle it all, with GRACE! I want to be the best wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend that I can be this next year. I strive to be a Proverbs 31 woman. I cherish my relationships and want to put my all into them. God has placed the people that are in my life, here, for a reason, and that’s no small thing to me. I’m excited for this next year and I look forward to looking back at this post and hopefully feel like I accomplished what I’m typing today.
I hope everyone has a great week! If you’ve gotten to this sentence, thanks for reading my ramblings! 🙂



Mary ♥


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    This is your mother , the one who prayed for a baby girl and got just what I wanted.I miss U
    I wish we weren’t so far away on your special day bc I’d love to come by and get you and the girls & go out to lunch and then give you a big hug Mary and tell you how much I love you ❤️

  2. Love this!! I needed this right now!! You inspire me in my role as a wife and mother and you are rocking that crop top!!

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