July 21, 2016

A day with my girls

necklace1 Today, the girls and I, headed to Nordstrom… again 🙂 It’s my birthday week, so I have birthday money burning a hole in my pocket and where better to spend it than at the Nordstrom sale?! It’s hot here but I wanted to wear my new Urban skinnies because I love them so dang much. I can’t get enough of high rise. It’s just so good. Every body type is different, but it fits my body so well.


We spent the day at the mall and had lunch. I bought some more goodies from the sale and I will post what I got below. My girls are troopers. I drag them to malls all over Dallas and they do it with minimal complaining 😉 As long as I come fully prepared with every snack under the sun!



I almost pulled the trigger on another pair of Toms booties in a different color but decided to sleep on it. I know, I don’t know who I am anymore lol. I’m also wearing my new favorite necklace from Wander + Lust Jewelry. It’s so gorgeous in person. I love Y necklaces and this one is so cute with the extra loop. You will most likely see it in every outfit post, so get used to it! You should definitely check out their site. So many goodies I still have my eye on.



I got THIS, THIS, THIS, and THIS at the sale today. I highly recommend them all!!! 



Mary ♥






  1. LOVE LOVE those jeans!! 🙂

  2. Sabrina Frucht says

    Hi Mary, I love the necklace. Deciding which size to get. Did you get the 16 & 20 inch or 18 & 22 inch?

  3. Sabrina Frucht says

    Thank you for checking

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