August 1, 2016

Faux leather leggings 2 ways

faux leather leggings 3

I’m so excited for this post because it’s my first post featuring someone else’s style! I am starting a series where I showcase someone style’s that inspires me. Today is featuring one of my best friends, Jessica. She’s more like a sister to me and I’ve known her family since I was 11 years old. When I am with Jessica and her sister’s, all we do is laugh and make fun of each other!! My stomach hurts from laughing so much when I am with her and her sister’s. She came to visit me this weekend and I told her I was going to do a post about her style. She has the best style. She is getting married this October and I will have to do a post just on her wedding dress, because it’s AMAZING! Our texts usually consist of pictures of a clothing item we want or something about food lol. I texted her a link to these faux leather leggings from the Nordstrom anniversary sale that I had bought and she immediately bought them too, so we figured a post on how to style these 2 ways would be a fun.

faux leather leggings 6

Jessica loves flannels, and she found this one at Urban Outfitters while in town. She paired it with this cute peplum top from Old Navy and Nike sneakers. I love this because I wouldn’t think to put this all together. I am horrible when it comes to pairing things with sneakers. The only time I wear sneakers, is when I am running. I would totally wear her whole outfit and I’m going to be on the lookout for a pair of high top nikes!

faux leather leggings 9

So many good things to point out here but first of all, THIS WRAP NECKLACE! It’s so cute and will definitely end up in my closet 😉 I absolutely love that she paired it with this outfit. It’s so great to get inspiration from your friends. If you are stuck in a rut, check out your friend’s Insta feed or Facebook profile, I guarantee you will find some inspiration! Second, this lipstick. How great is this color?! Another fab Target find all thanks to our friend Carol in St. Louis. She posted a pick wearing this lipstick in a similar shade and we went to two different targets to find it but they only had this color and it looks just a good. Lastly, her new sunnies from Old Navy. I love love love the round frames on her face!! Plus, of course love the mirrored lenses. They are great, but horrible for selfies :/ I took a selfie the other day in my sunglasses and in the reflection was my toilet and dirty laundry room LOL. You can assume that one went in my trash!

faux leather leggings 10

For my look, I wore this long sweater from Zara and paired it with my new birthday sandals from DSW. This top is very lightweight and is great with leggings because it covers my bum 🙂 I will wear a crop top with pride, but showing my uncovered buns in leggings is too much for me haha!

faux leather leggings 4

I’m wearing the same shade of lipstick and I’m obsessed. It also stays on great! These leggings are by Spanx and they fit soooooo perfectly. They are high waist too so they make you feel flat and sucked in. They are originally 98 dollars but are on sale for 60 right now! Normally I would say 60 is too high for me, but these are definitely worth the money. I will wear these all. the. time.

faux leather leggings 7

What do you all think of Jessicas’s look?! Isn’t it great?!

Thanks for visiting me, Jess! Love you :))))

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope it’s a great week for everyone ♥



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**Both our purses are old and can’t be linked. Jessica’s is Fossil and mine is Linea Pelle. My necklace is also old by Marc Jacobs.


  1. I loooove you so much. This was so much fun! High tops are a must for any closet 🙂

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