August 15, 2016

My favorite jeans, 4 ways

fav jeans 3

This week I am showing how to style one pair of jeans (my favorite pair right now), 4 different ways. Jeans are the most versatile thing in your closet. They can be worn super casual to very dressy. It’s no secret I have a denim addiction but it’s because I can make so many different outfits just from one great pair of jeans. These high waisted jeans are from Urban Outfitters and are ON SALE!! I usually spend 50-100 on a pair of jeans but usually more around 50. Only because there are so many great options for inexpensive jeans and in my opinion, are just as good as the really expensive ones.

Not only am I showing how to style these jeans 4 ways, but all the tops I am wearing in the posts this week are all from second hand Instagram shops. You guys, it’s the best way to find great stuff!!! You’ve heard me talk about Fox and Trotter many times and 2 of the tops are from her. The other 2 tops are from Somethings Borrowed. I highly recommend finding out if your favorite blogger has a closet shop and if so, you hit the jackpot. A lot of times bloggers will sell stuff they’ve already posted or sell stuff that was given to them. It’s a gold mine, people! Something Borrowed is 2 sisters, Laura and Anna, that just started to sell some of their clothes and lucky for me, I wear their sizes! You have to get your trigger finger ready, especially with Fox and Trotter, but it’s so worth it, if you score one of their pieces!

fav jeans 4

I scored this top from Somethings borrowed for 10 dollars and LOVE it! I had seen it in a few of Laura’s pics and loved it then and am so happy it ended up in my closet! How cool is that?! It’s a forever 21 top and not available anymore but I will link some similar below. Also, can we talk about this ↓ fringe purse I scored for 7 DOLLARS!!!

fav jeans 2

Isn’t it adorable?! I was in line at H&M on Saturday, and spotted this out of the corner of my eye and walked over and grabbed it and squealed when I saw it was so cheap! Of course it’s not available online (insert eye roll), like nothing ever is from H&M, but fingers crossed you could find it in your local store!

Are there any Instagram shops you shop at? If so, let me know! Or not… My budget is already blown from these 2 haha!!

Stay tuned for more ways to style these jeans, this week!



Mary ♥


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