August 16, 2016

Favorite jeans, day 3

fave jeans day 3-4

It’s day 3 of 4 ways to style these jeans! This week I’ve not only been showing how to style your favorite pair of jeans but shopping and finding deals off Instagram. The next two days are devoted to Fox and Trotter. My favorite Insta shop! How sweet is this top I got from her?! Where are my emojis?!! I need the heart eyes one right now! I can’t find it anywhere to link but I’ll link a few similar options. This shade of denim goes with every color and that is another reason I love them ♥ I love them paired with this sweet top. It’s so feminine and I always love creme and denim together. It hits just in the right spot to give you a tiny waist. One of the things I love about shopping from Instagram closets is not only do you get a great deal on something but you can find really unique things too that might not be available anymore!

fav jeans day 3-1

I paired it with my favorite red kitten heals. Y’all, these heels are a MUST! They come in every color under the sun and look so cute with not only jeans, but so many other things! I love heels, but I’m not a fan of “high” heels. Mostly because I’m already towering over most people, so adding 5 inches to myself makes me feel like I’m on TLC’s, My giant life, show lol. Plus, kitten heels are just so much easier to walk gracefully in 😉

fav jeans day 3-2

The only jewelry I’m wearing is my favorite dainty gold necklace from Wander + Lust and I just recently got a leather choker from there that I can’t WAIT to style!!

I’m ending this series with a bang tomorrow, so check back!! Ok, it’s not THAT exciting but it’s one of my favorite things in my closet right now 🙂 I am soooooo ready for the weekend. I’m not sure what is with this week, but this mama is over it. It’s been one of the most challenging weeks in a long time. I tell ya what guys, adulting is hard! Managing family life, work, relationships, etc. is just flat out HARD. If anyone has it all figured out, can you please let me in on your secret??? Thankfully God’s mercies are new every morning and with a new day comes a fresh attitude. Maybe it’s that my baby is going off to kindergarten, I mean, WHAT THE HECK! I’ve just had this cloud of sadness over me and I’m gonna venture to say it will be worst on the first day! I am positive that by the second week, I will be doing the happy dance on the way to school every morning haha but there is something about handing over your first born to other people. Especially when their personality is so impressionable right now. Thank God for prayer and for Him helping me train up my kids in the way they should go! I truthfully don’t know what I would do without Jesus.

Okay, rambling over! After all, my blog does say A little bit of LIFE and a lot of style…. so you can’t get too mad at me for the occasional ramble 😉

Have a great day, friends ♥

P.S. Do you like posts along these lines? Where I show different ways to wear things? I would LOVE your feedback of what you like and what you’d want more of! I plan on doing a series of making 10 outfits out of 10 items found in most everyone’s closet. Does that sound interesting??



Mary ♥


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