August 16, 2016

My favorite jeans, four ways, day two

fave jeans day 2-3

This week I am showing how to style THIS pair of jeans 4 ways because everyone has jeans in their closet and it’s always fun to see some different ways to make an outfit. Yesterday was with a casual fringe top that I scored from Somethings Borrowed, the Instagram closet shop of two bloggers, Laura and Anna. Today’s outfit is with a crop top that I got from the same shop. Now I realize wearing a lace crop top may be out of some people’s comfort zone, and I get it. It would be just as cute with a tank underneath. These are high waist jeans so it doesn’t show too much skin and especially with a tank, you’d be in the clear. I, however, don’t have a problem with showing a little skin. I have worked really hard to get my pre-baby body back! It’s a personal preference, so whatever you are comfortable with!

fave jeans day 2-2

I scored majorly on these sandals. They are selling full price right now at several different retailers, and I found them at DSW for 30 dollars!! I loveeee the pretty color and the mesh style and open toe has me all, heart eyes, for them! DSW is one of those places that you need to go frequently to find killer deals like this. They have a lot of sales throughout the year and are having a great one right now that gives you an extra percentage off the already reduced price. They are not showing the discount online, so check your local store and see.  They are for sale here at Nordstrom for 129, so it pays to find a place that sells at a discount!

fave jeans day 2-1

My jeans are on sale right now, so go get yourself some!! I promise you’ll love them 🙂 Tomorrow is a pretty one, so don’t miss it ♥



Mary ♥


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