August 30, 2016

Oversized goodness

shopping secret 2

This week I’m showing some good fall transition outfits and this one is perfect for that. We all have leggings, right? But do you have faux leather leggings?! If the answer is no, then you need them yesterday. I recently bought THESE and I am smitten. You might have seen my post on them a while ago so you may already know about them. They are so great for fall. Plus, they are high waist and control top…. I mean, HALLELUJAH!!!! They are meant to fit tight so order your normal size but they will feel snug. I am wearing a size medium for reference.

shopping secret 1

Add a jacket and a light scarf to this outfit and you are set for fall. I would add a jacket like THIS (this pink color would be SO cute with this outfit) and THIS scarf. Or THIS jacket would look super cute too and I am praying it ends up in my closet 😉 I paired it with my favorite booties, because THESE go with everything. I’m tellin ya, GET. THESE. BOOTS. I’ve worn them with dresses, shorts, jeans, leggings, what else is there lol?!

shopping secret 3

shopping secret 4

Okay, so the thing I love to do when I go shopping, is buy things extra big. I am totally not stuck to “my size and I won’t buy it unless it’s my size” I ALWAYS try on multiple sizes. Even if I think it won’t look right, I do it anyway. Sometimes the style of whatever it is, looks great bigger. Like this top! I am wearing it 4 sizes bigger than my normal. But I LOVE the look of it!! It would be super cute in my size too, but now it fits more like a tunic and the arm holes come down lower which means I can wear my cute lacy bandeau top! I will try on different sizes of jeans and cut offs too. My advice is to throw out that mentality of not trying it on unless it’s your size. I know it’s tough, especially if you’ve worked really hard to lose weight and you are proud of that size, at least try it once and see what you think. I would have totally passed this up if I was only sticking to my size. Don’t you think it’s cute this way?! I know this tip is nothing exciting or new, but It’s fun to experiment with clothes and this is a fun way to do that. This would work with old pieces in your closet too. Maybe clothes you’ve had when you were a bigger size. You could wear a bigger top and tie it at the waist or wear it as a tunic, like I am here. Oversized jeans are cute too. Add a belt, cuff the bottoms and pair it with a tighter shirt that hits at the waist.

Does anyone else do this when you shop? What do you think of this look?

I hope everyone has a fabulous day!!



Mary ♥


| TOP (I’m wearing and XXL and looks like it’s not available in my color online, but they had it in stores) | LEGGINGS | BOOTS | NECKLACE | PURSE (similar) |


  1. Those leggings are amazing! They totally add an edge to any basic outfit. Love how you styled them!

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