September 1, 2016

The fall pieces you need now!

You guys are in luck, because I am making it super easy on you and just showing you exactly what to buy for fall!! 😉 If all of my picks could just magically appear in my closet, that would be wonderful. There are some really fun trends that I am digging for this fall. A few are, cold shoulder, off shoulder, chokers, and peep toe to name a few! I’ve separated them out for you below and we’ll start with jackets, my favorite ♥

A good jacket is the finishing touch to an outfit. I would never feel complete without a jacket. I usually make them part of my outfit and never take it off. I love that everything is faux leather right now. It’s so much more attainable to everyone! I think one splurge is okay for an amazing leather jacket that you’ll have forever but for the trendier ones, faux leather is the way to go. I am loving the bomber jacket trend! Especially the silky ones. They are great paired with a simple tee and jeans or dress it up with a fun pleated skirt. I only included one blazer, but think you could definitely add more, if you have the budget for it. They are great for casual jean outfits when you don’t want a heavy jacket. Pair with jeans and loafers or booties and you’re golden! A trench is a MUST, in my opinion. It’s a classic coat that will never go out of style. The one I linked is relatively inexpensive and looks great. Of course someday I would love to have a Burberry but until then a knock off will do just fine 😉 I would pair a trench with anything! Jeans, skirts, dresses.. all of it.

Next up is dresses and skirts. Floral is really big for fall (is it ever not in style?) and a lot of cold shoulder dresses. I picked up a cold shoulder dress from the Nordstrom sale and love it so much!! I’ve already worn it several times.

Can you tell a color scheme in these picks ↑↑ ?! definitely olive green and mustard and those are my FAVORITE colors!! I am loving that pleated mustard skirt. A denim skirt and a pleated skirt are great for fall and look super cute with booties or heels. I love dressing up denim, so I would pair a casual denim skirt with great heels and a blouse.

Next up is jeans. I am a firm believer in denim. I hear people say they don’t wear a lot of jeans, and I’m like “what else is there??!!!” There are so many different styles of jeans that you can definitely find one to fit your body right. I would recommend taking one day, leaving the kids at home (a must) and only trying on jeans. A ton of different styles and washes. Try on some you wouldn’t think would work, but try them anyway!! It’s like wedding dresses, you will see it on the hanger and think “no way” but then you try it on and it’s your dress. It’s the same with jeans! Just try them ♥

I included white jeans and I know the rule is not after labor day, but I don’t follow the rules 😉 I love love LOVE winter white. I wear my white jeans all year round. They go with everything and pop in winter. I also love grey jeans. They are a neutral but is a good alternative if you are sick of the blue denim all the time. Of course my faux leather leggings are in there and my trusty overalls, which a are a fall must! I realize some of you may think overalls are ridiculous and you will not offend me if you hate them, but maybe just try them on sometime? And if anything, you’ll get a good laugh and you can thank me for that 😉

Next up is tops and chokers. I am SO happy that the off shoulder trend is still going strong. It will look great in the fall with jeans and booties. Even throw on a scarf and voila! I also love the cold shoulder trend. This was in a while ago and I loved it then too.

I think chokers are awesome and look great with so many things. The velvet choker is so simple and so pretty. What do you guys think of chokers? Have you tried it yet?

Okay last up is SHOESSSSS!! A crowd favorite ♥

and below is some great cheaper options ↓↓


Happy shopping, everyone!! In the next few weeks I’ll be showing some different fall outfit examples.



Mary ♥



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