September 6, 2016

hi, my name is mary, and I’m addicted to double denim


You guys, I think this is my favorite outfit, ever. I am so obsessed with it!!! I never wear these jeans and I pulled them out the other day and tried on a different shirt with them and then at the last minute grabbed this one instead, and I’m in love. I realize you’ve seen this top a million and one times but isn’t that what everyone does?? Maybe I’m in the minority, but I will wear something numerous times and not think twice about it. I like to get the most of my clothes! I would say this top was probably one of the best purchases I’ve made 😉 It is still available too!! You can find it HERE. I will also link some similar and cheaper options at the end of this post.



The jeans are from H&M and are contouring jeans. They are also high rise. They are on the long side, so I have them cuffed and actually prefer this look rather than having a clean hem. I love the color of the top and jeans paired together. They are almost the same color and usually that doesn’t work with double denim, but I feel like it does here. Am I the only one that loves mixing denims?? My style has such a large range and love that I can be someone totally different just with an outfit change.

My daughter’s and I were out having a girls day last Saturday and I usually bring some outfits to shoot because It’s the only time I have to take pics these days. We went to Sprinkle’s Cupcakes and then I was driving around looking for a good spot to take pics and I usually look for a place that isn’t in a crowded area. Seeing a 5 year old take pics of some dolled up lady, gets us some weird looks LOL! So I was at a stop light and saw this white wall next to this flower pot and knew it would be great with my outfit but it was smack dab in the middle of a busy intersection. This was one of those times I had to swallow my pride and not give a flip what people were going to think. We get out and start taking pics and of course people are looking over and I swear it was the longest red light EVER lol, but we got them and loved how they turned out!! It’s just funny because you see the final product but probably have no idea what went into getting the “shot” and now you know 🙂


The sandals are old Via Spiga and are not available anymore but I found a pair almost the same that I will link! My hat is Rag & Bone and it’s by far my most favorite hat. There’s a reason why it’s so expensive, because it’s freaking fantastic!! I will link some other great hat’s too that are a lot less money.

Tomorrow I am doing an event with some friends called, A Night of Design, and I will be talking about fall fashion trends. I’m so excited! I will have a post about everything I talked about about and also some pics and video from the night.

Have great short week, everyone!



Mary ♥


| JEANS (not available at H&M online but may still be available in stores) similar HERE and HERE | TOP and similar HERE and HERE | SANDALS | HAT similar HERE and HERE |



  1. Love Love and LOVE this look! You have a right to be addicted to double denim my friend because you just rocked it!!! Btw I almost bought the Zara top but gave up bc I thought it show my midriff to much, but no it’s acually perfect! You just made me want it more ❤️ Keep up with the lovely posts Mary!!

    • missmarypowers says

      My vote is YES for you to get it!! My torso is freakishly long but if I wear it with high waist, it’s perfect. Thanks for the love, lady! 😘😘😘

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