September 7, 2016

A night of design 2016


Today I am participating in a night of design with some amazing ladies. It will be my first event as an official fashion blogger and I am so excited! We will have a floral arrangement demonstration, Kim from Kimberly Anne Interiors, will be showing us how to style a coffee table, Lauren from Patina + Peonies is talking about gift trends, and I will be talking about fall fashion, MY FAVORITE!!

I have 4 gorgeous ladies modeling the fall looks for me and all their outfit info is below. I am linking similar pieces because most of what they are wearing is older or not available anymore. If you attended the event, I hope you had a great time and left feeling inspired for fall!

We will start with Kate’s romper look. Romper’s are something that a lot of people already have in their closet and can easily be transitioned from summer to fall with replacing sandals for booties and adding a jacket of some sort. You can’t go wrong with a jean jacket (something I think every closet needs) and I’ve linked some other great options too. I added a blazer because with the right romper, it would look adorable!

Next is Kim’s look. She is wearing the Faux leather leggings look and we paired it with a sheer top, great heeled sandals, a classic plaid scarf, and a jacket if needed. If you follow my blog or have seen any pictures on my Instagram, then you know I love these leggings. They are a great alternative to regular leggings and make it feel a tad dressier. I highly recommend THIS pair of leggings because they are Spanx, and we all know what Spanx does for your bod! With these leggings, I would pair them with any tunic and even a sleeveless sweater would look great paired with a blazer of jacket. I would pair any of the jackets above with this look and also a long cardigan or kimono would look great as well.

The next look is on Lauren and it’s my personal favorite, the off the shoulder trend! I absolutely love this trend because it shows off your dainty upper body and hides the jiggly arm fat! Who wouldn’t love that?? This trend can easily trasition to fall as well with a lot of the similar components. For Lauren, we added booties and a great blanket scarf. She’s wearing a chambray denim dress which is so great for the fall. A denim dress will go a long way with options. You can basically pair it with any color and style, shoes, scarf and jacket. I’ve linked some great options below.

Lastly we have a classic jeans and trench coat look and I didn’t have pics of Kathie modeling it in time so I’ll just link the products and update this post after the event. You have to have at least one pair of great jeans for fall. Even if you are not a big denim person, just try some. They are the most versatile thing in your closet. They can be dressed up and dressed down so easily. There are so many great options for jeans and great ones at every budget point as well. I love Old navy jeans for a small budget. They surprisingly fit so well and you would never know they were 30 dollars. For an unlimited budget, I would say AG denim or Rag and Bone, just to name a few. The high end denim is great but in my opinion, you can find the same for a lot less. However, if you give me 300 dollars and say it must be spent on jeans, then you can be assured I will have no problem buying them 😉 This look honestly goes with any type of shoe. Booties, flats, calf boots, and over the knee would all look amazing.

How gorgeous are all these ladies?!! They all inspire me so much and I am so thankful to have them as friends ♥ I will be doing a post tomorrow with a recap of the night and also details on what I’m wearing to the event.

See you tomorrow!


Mary ♥





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