September 22, 2016

a fall outfit for the first day of fall


Happy first day of fall!! The most glorious season that only last a few days haha! If you live in Dallas, that is. There is something about the changing of seasons that is so refreshing and especially this one because I get my favorite clothes and my favorite hot drinks. We get fires, holiday movies, pumpkins.. need I say more?! I put this outfit together in honor of fall and It’s partly to blame on my neighbor, Stacy, because she told me Target has super cute clothes right now. So where did I end up right after I heard that, yeah exactly! Ugh Target. DARN YOU!!!!!


I love this type of skirt. I really think it’s so flattering on all body types. I prefer to have them sit right at my natural waist, because for me, it makes me look slimmer. Plus you can wear a shorter top with it and not show a lot of stomach, or none at all if you have a normal torso! I would recommend going to somewhere like H&M or Forever 21 and get a few white and black basic tops. You can pair them with SO many things and just add pieces to dress them up. This top is from Forever 21 and I’ve worn it with so many skirts already. I know Forever 21 is for people a lot younger than I am. I went in there the other day with my 1 year old and I was probably the oldest person in there, BUT if you swallow your pride, you can get some great basics for super cheap. Old Navy is great too.

I picked up this neck scarf from Target and it’s fun to wear this instead of a necklace sometimes. It’s nice to switch it up from the norm. They are super cheap and come in a pack of 4, I think! I know they are really trendy right now, but this is a great example of how to incorporate really trendy things into your wardrobe. You can also tie it around your wrist or in your hair as a headband.

I hope everyone has a FABULOUS first day of fall filled with lot of pumpkin spice lattes!!! 🙂



Mary ♥


The clutch in this post is from Patina + Peonies!





  1. GORGEOUS MARY! Obsessed with this entire look! I would have way too much fun raiding your closet!

  2. I was just thinking how I needed to go back to target! They really do have great finds! However, every trip for “just a couple things” turns into an all out shopping spree 😳

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