October 24, 2016

The tunic your closet needs


Hello again! Thanks to everyone who read and commented on my post from this morning. I truly appreciate all the love! It’s so amazing to feel like I have friends that I’ve never actually met in person! You are all the best ♥

A few weeks ago I did a post featuring THESE moto leggings from Naya Sky Boutique and today I am talking about THIS perfect tunic. I wish you could all feel just how soft it is. It is like wearing a giant fuzzy blanket! This is THE perfect top to wear casual, with leggings and tennis shoes or casual dressy (like here). It will look great with a jacket as well.



I seriously love everything from this online boutique. Plus it’s inexpensive and she does free shipping on everything!! When you have a second, go check out her site. There will be more pieces coming to the blog soon. I recently bought THIS floral top (see below) from her and posted it to my Instagram. To say I love this top would be an understatement. It’s so cute.


I really think tunics are a necessity for your wardrobe. Especially today when the majority of people wear athlesiure. In my opinion, athlesiure is great. A tunic with leggings and tennis shoes is a no brainer! 

I will link as much as I can from these two outfits and I actually found the purse I am wearing on Ebay and will link it. It was one of those collaborations with Target, so it’s not available anymore in store. It really is such a cute purse though, especially for fall and winter!

See below for outfit details! Tomorrow on the blog is a recap from the VH1 save the music event I attended last week!

Have a great night, friends!



Mary ♥





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