February 2, 2017

Bringing back the 90’s denim skirt



Hellllllo! Have fab is this skirt?! Doesn’t it make you want to do the happy dance?! No? Well it does for me! I am a sucker for denim, We’ve met before, right? So a denim skirt has my name all over it. I wore denim skirts growing up and was just as obsessed with them. Did they ever really go out of style?? I’m not really sure but it doesn’t matter because they are just so perfect. I think they’re great for people that still like to remain casual but feel dressy. I scored this one at H&M and was dancing in the dressing room when I tried it on! Yes really. Does anyone else dance in the dressing room? Especially at H&M, because they have the best music!!

I paired this fab little skirt with the cutest sweater that is sadly sold out, BUT I did find some listing on Ebay, which you can find HERE. It’s a cropped sweater but would look cute with any high waisted or also with a long button down underneath, or even a silk cami. Speaking of a button down, this skirt would also look so cute with one. I’m wearing my trusty mules with it and love the casual look it gives it. These are definitely one of my favorite purchases lately.

Does anyone have any fun plans this weekend?! I’m so excited it’s almost Friday! I have a lunch date with my hubby and NO KIDS! Woot woot!!



Mary ♥






  1. I love a denim skirt!! Especially this one! And I have been known to dance in a dressing room before!

    xo Bryn

  2. sarah lindner says

    I love the denim skirt! So cute and such a cute look!
    Sarah Lindner

  3. I love this skirt & how you styled it!

  4. I love denim skirts. Such a cute look! Hope you enjoyed your weekend. 😉

  5. Love this skirt and the frayed hemline!! It’s so cute and so versatile!! So many great tops could go with it!!


  6. Shelby Back says

    I can’t believe denim skirts are back! This one looks amazing on you!


  7. Omg! Love your 90’s skirt…I had one! That look is super cute and brings back so many memories. Killin it!

  8. I love this cream denim skirt!! This is seriously a perfect look. I gotta try it out sometime!

    Meghan | beyondbasicblog.com

  9. absolutely LOVE that skirt on you!!!!

  10. I can’t even remember the last time I wore a mini skirt (pregnancy probs!!) so excited to get back into one like this one soon. This is the cutest outfit!!

    Alice at Lone Star Looking Glass

  11. Gahh I love that the denim skirts are back!! Love this look on you!!!

  12. Love that skirt Mary and how you draped the jacket over!!

  13. Girl! Legs for days! So jealous! I love that skirt!



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