March 23, 2017

Draped Blouse




  1. These jeans could not be any more perfect! You look amazing in them!! And I’m obsessed with that draped top! Perfect as usual! xo Bryn

  2. Love everything about this look! That draped top is dreamy. I love it in the pearl color too. Now, You’re probably going to make me try the Levi’s wedgie again. I got a pair last year but I don’t know why the don’t fit me comfortably. Did you get your regular size or did you size up? My regular size feels too tight in my hips but then the rest is loose 😩

    • missmarypowers says

      I did get my regular size and they are literally painted on me 😳 they def are tight in the waist but they do stretch a little after wearing a few days lol!

  3. Such a great top! It flatters you so well and your hair is fabulous! Happy Pre-Friday!

    Brittany 🙂

  4. So pretty! It looks so good on you!

  5. Such a perfect pretty drape to this top! I love the color and those mules are fab girl!

  6. That shirt is stunning! I love the color and how it flows.

    xo Logan

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