April 20, 2017

La Bella Donna Makeup

Hi friends! La Bella Donna had sent me some makeup a few weeks ago and I have been exclusively using it to be able to provide the best review for you all. The short story: I LOVE it. The long story: See below 🙂

This is everything they sent me. I have used every single thing and the only thing I wouldn’t give a complete thumbs up, is the lip pencil. However, I am not a huge lip pencil kind of girl. I either use EOS Shimmer Balm, or a lip gloss I’ve used for ages. I absolutely love the rest, though.  La Bella Donna make-up – is  a complete collection of mineral-based formulas that are actually healthy for the skin. Not all minerals are created equal. La Bella Donna’s minerals contain only pure minerals from rock that give benefits to the skin and provide a naturale alternative to chemical makeup – because nobody wants to absorb chemicals in their bodies, right? =)

First off I’ll start with the LBD Sun. This stuff is pretty amazing. It has SPF 50, which is amazing, and goes on so smooth and makes my skin look kind of amazing. I’m extremely obsessed with this product. It lasted all day and I felt like my skin still had great coverage at the end of the day.

The eye products are all really good. I would HIGHLY recommend the eye shadow palate (see below for the shades) and the liquid liner is good, but it does not go on very dark. Which is good and bad, in my book. Good because I am terrible at applying it haha, so not having a super dark and CROOKED line, is a plus. Not so great because it isn’t as visible as I’d like. Would I still recommend it, yes. I still use it daily.

Next is the Highlighting cream color. OBSESSED you guys. Insert praise hands with this stuff! It adds a shimmery goodness to your face and it’s the prettiest rose pink. I have never used a liquid blush, but am totally hooked. It even makes me look a touch sun kissed.

Last is the Mineral Mascara. Again, totally in love. The wand is exactly the type I like. It is skinny and rubbery and it separates each lash and lengthens perfectly. It does not smear at the end of long wear, which is amazing. Most other mascaras I have used all eventually smear under my eye after a long day.

I will list all the products below that I use and La Bella Donna is offering 20% off your entire order with code “SPRING20“!!

Have a fab week, everyone!


Mary ♥




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