May 23, 2017

11 moves and counting….

Drum roll please………………………..

We are moving to St. Louis!

This was not an easy decision. We have been in Dallas for four years and have absolutely LOVED living here, me especially. I feel like myself in this city and love everything it has to offer. My hubby and I are both born and raised in St. Louis and both of our families are there. It will be nice to be around family and our close friends again. My hubby got a great job offer and it will allow our small little family more time together, which is something we haven’t had a lot of living here. So, that will be good.

Some “real” thoughts on moving back. This IS my blog, after all lol. I am really sad, just to be honest. St. Louis is a great city, but it’s also a bit challenging for me because I never really felt like I belonged there. I always knew I wanted to leave and live out of state and once I did, I felt like I came alive. I started my blog, made some amazing friendships, had my second child, all such amazing things. So to go back has been a bit of a mental challenge for me. St. Louis can be a bit clicky with friendships and that’s something I really can’t handle. I am a girls girl and the more the merrier, for me. I don’t like feeling of being left out and I always felt that way in St. Louis, I’m sure a lot was my doing, btw. I was very shy and never felt comfortable in my own skin till I hit my 30’s. I was so insecure and I’m sure that had a lot to do with it. Being here in Dallas has been so welcoming and we have made so many great friends in our neighborhood (which I am SO sad to leave) and in the blogging community (don’t even get me started on leaving those girls), so to leave that is no small decision. We have prayed about it and thought long and hard, and ultimately we made the decision for our kids. They will only be little once and to be with their daddy more and extended family, is huge.

With all that being said, I am t r y i n g to have a positive attitude and look at it in a positive light. Just because I had a certain experience with STL previously, doesn’t mean that’s how it will be this time around. And if it is, we can always move again! Kidding, mom haha…. kind of 😉 Seriously though, I am determined to make new friends there and make it the best possible. I have a handful of friends that are like family that I’m so excited to be around them again (one is having her first baby and I’ll get to be around the baby, YAY) and to be around my brother and his wife, will be so great. I have missed my brother SO much. We are moving home for a reason, and that means that it is blessed and it will be GOOD!

As far as my blog, I am not going anywhere! I am a little scared of the unknown just because Dallas is such a great city for bloggers. There are so many events and so many bloggers to network with, that it has really helped me to meet brands and fellow bloggers, and grow my blog. I am hoping St. Louis will be the same in that regard! I am really wanting to have a blogger network there. I feel like it’s crucial to maintaining my sanity haha! This blogging thing is not easy and it helps so much to have people that get it and understand some of the mental challenges that go along with it.

As far as timeline, we are looking to move in June (someone buy our house PLEASE) and will get back in the daily grind pretty easily, I imagine. But first a trip to the beach for mommy and daddy is on the calendar 🙂 I am so excited to get away for a bit and recharge. This has been such a stressful few months deciding what to do and getting our house on the market.

SO, If you are in St. Louis, please email me and lets connect!!!

My posting has been so sporadic lately with everything on our plate, so once we are moved and settled, things will get back to normal and I have some fun things planned for the blog. I’m so excited for them! So please stick with me and I promise we will have more fun in the next couple months 🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!


Mary ♥



  1. Oh Mary we’ll be closer!! Not close but closer 😁😂😂!! Hehehe moves are tough but there’s so much to learn from them, I’m hoping you and your family will have an amazing time going back home and I pray that you find an equally amazing group of women to grow with! Best wishes on the move and I can’t wait to follow along your journey! Love you lady ❤️

    • missmarypowers says

      Thank you, friend!!! Any closer I can get to you, I’ll take! 🙂 we should plan to meet halfway in a fun city and shop till we drop!!!

  2. Ahhh so many emotions going on. I moved out of wa state for 10 years to Florida and “came alive” there too. Moving back to wa two years ago to be near my family was exciting and heartbreaking because I left a huge circle of friends that became family. I still don’t have a great group of friends where I’m at. I am very close to my family and I am so happy to be back with them. Moves are tough and it can take some time to adjust but I know friendships do come, it takes some time. Glad to be following you on your journey!

    • missmarypowers says

      Wow I didn’t realize you only have been back 2 years! Yes it does take time for sure. Being around family will be so great too. We are planning a trip to Seattle in Sept, so I would love to meet up with you!!

  3. Ahhhh SO excited for you! Yes, it will be a tough transition- but yay for more family time!!! I’ll be spending more time in Branson, so who knows- maybe we will get to have a double date {family style} weekend away sometime! Covering you all in prayer during this season of transition! Can’t wait to see what is in store for you!

    • missmarypowers says

      Chloe that would be amazing!!! My hubby and I were talking about Branson this past weekend and we def plan on making some trips there. Thanks for the prayer, friend! Can’t wait to give you a big ole hug in August ❤️

  4. Hey Girl!
    I know all to well the feels of loving away from a place and friends you love. I’m more reserved too so I always seem to make friends right before I move, so that I don’t want to leave and have to do it all over again.

  5. Fear of the unknown , I’ve got it ! You will be just fine & you’ll have more family time which will be so wonderful ! Then we can just travel to Dallas together !

  6. Rachel B says

    I one hundred percent get where you are coming from…I felt that way in stl too even though it will always be home to me. Such mixed feelings but I’m sure having family around will be a huge help! It will be awesome xoxo

  7. Marrrry!! You are going to do great – so much going on and so many exciting changes (big ones) but exciting just the same. You are doing this for the greatest of reasons and I truly believe God has a plan for you and your fam through this whole love. I can’t wait to continue following you on your journey!! Cheers to G O O D change!

    Xoxo, Sarah

  8. Yay! Cheers to a new adventure! Hope it’s so much better than you’re expecting!

  9. Mary, we should totally meet up in Chicago at some point. Blogger weekend! I hope your move is easy and that you love moving back. Sometimes moving away, and coming back to an old place is a good thing, and you find new friends and a new vibe.

  10. Doni Snyder says

    Congrats and best wishes with your move! Coincidentally, I lived in Dallas for almost 2 years (moved back to central IL 2 years ago) and this past January, moved to STL (Columbia, IL). I’ve been following your blog for over a year now and I love your sense of fashion! I may have also been reminiscing about my time in Dallas thru your posts 😂. Good luck and fingers crossed your house sells quickly!

    • missmarypowers says

      Thank you, Doni!! I will certainly miss Dallas. I feel like this is our home, but I know St. Louis will be good too. Thanks for following along!! I love hearing that 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Sarah Guldalian says

    I love you and am so proud of you! I can’t wait to be around you much much more! You are a treasure. Thanks for sharing your heart.

    • missmarypowers says

      Sarah!! Thanks for reading, friend ❤️I’m so happy to be back with my girls again 🙌🏼

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