September 22, 2017

Polka Dots & Some Thoughts

Happy Friday, friends!!! We finally made it to Friday! I’ve had some thoughts lately about blogging and yesterday an Instagram friend of mine, Morgan, posted something sharing her heart, and it motivated me to share mine too. I see bloggers on the daily post all their new purchases, and I keep wondering how on earth can they not only afford all that “stuff”, but where do they put it all, if they are buying constantly?

Being a blogger is unique because we share our style, if people love what they see on us, they want to buy it. Well if you aren’t constantly posting something new, people can’t buy it, if it’s not available anymore. So I think a lot of bloggers feel this pressure to buy buy buy, so that they can link link link! Lately it’s been making me feel like I can’t keep up. I can’t be buying something everyday, just so I can have something to link. If you have followed me for any length of time, you have noticed I wear things over and over. I love to get use out of what I buy, and I am just not a “wear once” kind of person. I spend our hard earned money on something, so I’m going to wear that piece several different ways. I think that’s probably what most people do. I don’t know of too many people that only wear something once. It’s just not attainable.

My goal when I started my blog, was to show how to use your entire closet, over and over. I had a passion for showing different ways to wear things that you already have. Now it’s no secret I have a slight shopping addiction, so I routinely add pieces to my wardrobe, but I still find multiple ways to wear it all. This top I’m wearing, for instance. I love this top! I got it last season from Everly Oak, and have worn it (and posted it) several times. I think it’s a great classic top that can be styled multiple ways. I have paired it with several pairs of denim and also with a midi skirt. I’m not going to lie, I love trends. I think it’s fun to try out a new trend, but I also love classic pieces too. I am not one to buy designer labels or expensive items, either. It’s just not me! I have a passion for finding affordable clothing.

My goal is to show you different ways to style something. My goal is not to make you shop constantly, and think you have to have all these new pieces. I hate the amount of consumption on Instagram. It feels like one giant add and I get sick of seeing it, and also, I get sick of being a giant add myself! I know when I see a blogger wearing something, I want that exact item, but I’m sure there’s something similar in my closet that I could try and recreate, and even put my own spin on it. That’s the beauty of fashion! We get inspired and then create an outfit around that inspiration that we feel great in.

If I ever post something and you are dying to have it but don’t want to spend any money or simply don’t have it in your budget to shop, message me and we will come up with an outfit similar with pieces you already have! Or, if you have a small budget, we can find some affordable pieces that make up several different outfits. I’m here to help! However you need it 🙂

I say all this lightly because this post isn’t meant to bash other bloggers or shame their game. It’s not that AT ALL. I think to each their own, and you do you. I am not one to judge. This is just something that I have been struggling with lately and it’s the feeling of “I can’t keep up” with everyone posting all their new stuff on the daily. I also don’t ever want to make you, my follower and reader, feel that way either! I want to inspire you to put together an outfit that you feel great in. Because we all know that when you feel great in an outfit, it changes your whole demeanor!

I am setting a goal for myself over the next few months to not shop. I am starting small, like maybe for 2 months lol. I have plenty of clothes and I want to challenge myself to make new outfits out of what I already have. If you see a piece of mine that isn’t available anymore, I will try and find something that’s similar to link.

Anyone want to take on this no shopping challenge with me?! I could start a Facebook group and we could all help each other pick out outfits with the clothes we already have! Let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in.

Thanks for reading my novel 😉 and I hope that my thoughts came across clearly and not judgy. Please feel free to comment below if you have any thoughts, or as a follower how you feel about bloggers pushing product. I’m curious your take on it!


Mary ♥


Denim HERE / Top HERE / Shoes sold out, similar HERE / Bag sold out, similar HERE




  1. Hi Mary! This was a great read honestly. I follow A LOT of fashion bloggers and I’m new to this whole blogging thing myself. I can’t help by feel compelled to buy all new items in order to keep up and inspire my followers. I love the idea of just using what I have in my closet to piece the perfect outfit for myself. That was the reason why I started blogging but when you see other bloggers (who are much bigger influencers than me) purchasing and posting all of these new items they snagged almost daily, I’m like “dang I need to go out and spend money to keep up with these influencers” Unfortunately, I have only my income and it’s not a lot LOL so I have no choice but to get the best bang for my buck AND to just use what I already have! I love the idea of a Facebook group to inspire each other. And thanks so much for sharing this. I think this is something a lot of new bloggers struggle with!

    • missmarypowers says

      Hi Thuy! I completely agree! I don’t have money to be shopping daily and even if I did, I wouldn’t want to spend money just to have something to post! I think inspiring others to create outfits out of what they already have, or be more mindful of what they buy, is so great! I’m so glad you like the Facebook idea! I’m going to set it up and I’ll post the link to it, so you can join and share with your followers too, if you want! I think it’ll create a fun little community for us to help each other 🙂
      Thanks for reading! Hope you have an awesome weekend ❤️

  2. Yay! I love this! I’m not a blogger but I love to play dress up and sometimes it is overwhelming online and knowing most of the big wigs get the expensive stuff free and I could never afford a $500 sundress 😂 so excited to see the outcome of this challenge. I’ve always wanted to do something like this- style one piece for a week type of thing, it’s more affordable and realistic and will help concentrate on maybe expensive staple pieces instead of having a closet of stuff I never wear!! GOOD LUCK 🍀 can’t wait to follow along!!

    • missmarypowers says

      Completely agree! I think it’ll help focus on what pieces will be worth buying. Thanks for reading and taking time to comment, Samantha! Have a great weekend ❤️❤️

  3. All the yes babe! I am working on a similar post and just loved reading this! I have a bad shopping habit, especially when I’m in a bad mood, etc…I seem to just spend and the hubs is not a fan!🤦🏻‍♀️ So, I’d love to join you on this no shopping spree (I will probably break it on Black Friday) but yes, start a fb group and I’m in!🙋🏻❤️

    Xoxo, natalie

    • missmarypowers says

      Yay yay yay! We can do this 💪🏼and yes my hubby feels the same!! I’m definitely an emotional spender as well. I’ll post the Facebook link probably this week! So glad you’re gonna join!

  4. I need to stop buying clothes for my kids. How do I do that?! Also, I need to utilize/accessorize basic pieces better instead of finding a new outfit for every event and worried if I post a pic on social media someone will judge me later for wearing it again.

    • missmarypowers says

      Would you believe it that I don’t shop for my kids 🙈I know that sounds horrible but I feel like it’s such a waste of money cause they grow out of it so fast! We go shopping about twice a year and get them necessities and that’s it!
      Utilizing basic pieces is so great and such a good way to create new outfits. I’m going to try and show that in the next few weeks! As for posting the same thing twice, I always think about myself and if I judge if I see someone posting it again, and the answer is no! I don’t even think twice about it and I really don’t think anyone else does either. Especially when you’re a mom. I feel like we just get it as mom’s. Ya know?! I’d love to have you join the Facebook group! I’ll be posting the link soon. Thanks for reading, Liz! Hope you have an awesome weekend.

  5. I love this!! So well said! I don’t know if I could completely stop shopping but I can definitely scale it back. Can’t wait to see some outfits you recreate!

  6. We totally agree with you and LOVE every single thing you said. It can be really hard to keep up with others and the whole fashion world in general! You are so amazing girl!

    • missmarypowers says

      It really is so hard, that’s why it’s so important to just do you. Whatever that may be! Love ya, ladies ❤️❤️

  7. I totally agree with you girl. Instagram has just been getting on my nerves lately because it’s like an endless pit of consumption. I mean I even tag the clothes that I wear, and I always feel the pressure to keep my wardrobe updated too because I don’t want people to see the same jacket 5 times. It’s honestly so stupid. And I’m glad you’re not following the rat race with the whole consumption thing, and barely wearing things. I like how you’re realistic, and I agree that the average person reuses their clothing. A lot of people wear the same jacket or shoes everyday for crying out loud. But anyways girl just keep spreading the positive message, and do what you do.

    • missmarypowers says

      Yes the endless consumption and buy buy buy has me feeling so yuck lately! The last thing I want is to push all of my followers to spend spend spend, when we could be utilizing what we already have! Thanks for reading, Courtney ❤️

  8. My thoughts exactly. I started blogging for this exact reason too. Thank you for sharing!!!

  9. I absolutely love this post!! From a new blogger just starting out, I love reading this! I love love LOVE the fashionblog world but it does put pressure on EVERYONE! And especially when we all know that (as someone said earlier) the big bloggers get a lot of their stuff free. It’s hard to even relate to that! I love how REAL and honest you are!! This is why I’ve love you from the beginning! You do you boo!

    PS – why dont you try to link up to some style challenges on IG 😉

    Meghan Layne

    • missmarypowers says

      Aw girl you know I love you too ❤️❤️❤️ and I love how real YOU are!!! That’s why we are friends 🙂

  10. This resonates with me greatly! I am a second hand clothes buyer and I don’t have alot of items I can link to. I feel like sometimes I’m in a rat race on insta and I am always behind on items and things to buy. I literally watched an insta story that literally said good morning the earringa are kate spade and the top is from nordys swipe on the next screen and then went on to talk about something totally else. I was like what? Are instastories all ads? Like I can turn on my tv to watch some of this stuff….i love fashion blogging and fashiom bloggers but it is so overwhelming when everyone is telling you to buy everything! I love this idea of yours!

    • missmarypowers says

      Yes it’s definitely overwhelming and I consider my self a professional shopper!! 😂 I feel like I’ve gotten away from “style” and more into product pushing and I’m trying to veer back. Thanks for reading, friend ❤️❤️

  11. Yess count me in! This is the idea I had when I decided to start blogging and just never put the time in to create several outfits from the same pieces! Let’s do it together!

    Xoxo brandi

  12. All the love on this post :):)

  13. I absolutely love and completely agree with your post! It’s hard to not get swept up in the glamour of having new pieces, but it is so satisfying to make a super adorable outfit out of pieces in your closet. I love that you are willing to help and — did you set up that Facebook page?! I am in! I really need to challenge myself too…and I think I’ll do it after we actually get some fall weather.

  14. i’m glad to see this post. i read a blog recently where the girl said something like “i know it’s my job to make you want to buy this top…” and i thought no, that’s not your job. your job is to genuinely share something you like, or help me think outside the box with my own closet. your job is not to get me to shop. that isn’t what blogging used to be, and it’s why i haven’t blogged in ages, and i am reading less and less. it’s so insincere anymore, so i appreciate a real post such as this.

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