October 4, 2017

Menswear Blazer


I am so into the menswear blazer vibe. This outfit is a little hipster, but I ain’t mad at it 😉 I have had THIS pin on my FASHION board for about 5 years now and have always loved this denim on denim with a plaid blazer and finally recreated it. I picked up this blazer just before I decided to go on a shopping freeze and glad it made the cut cause I will get so much use out of it.

Speaking of my shopping freeze, it’s still going strong… Hooray!! I gotta say, it feels amazing. I mean, I have enough clothes to last a lifetime of no shopping, so I feel a little silly, like of course it should be no problem to shop with the amount of inventory I have 😬 but it still feels good to see something I love, but have the willpower to say no! Has anyone been not shopping along with me? If so, are you hanging in there?!

Ok, back to this outfit 🙂 I paired this blazer with my cropped denim and my fave little black ankle booties. I love monochromatic looks. Sometimes simple is best! Y’all know I do love my color too though ❤️

What do you think of the menswear blazers? Are you a fan?




  1. Yes yes yes! I want this blazer! I saw it in their catalog when the new line launched. I love it! Looks so good on you

  2. Love this!! I’ve been on the hunt for some menswear inspired outfits and this blazer is perfection!!

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