December 28, 2017

My Shopping Trip To Gordmans – What I Got And How I Styled It

*This post is sponsored by Gordmans. All opinions are completely my own.

I recently went into Gordmans, for the first time ever. We don’t have one near me, and It was just never on my radar for shopping. When I need something, I usually hit up Target. However, I was very surprised at their prices and selection. I went straight for the home section because we are currently in home renovating/decor mode, so I didn’t have anything else in mind when I went in. I was specifically looking for lamps, wall decor, vases, and/or picture frames. Basically anything decor related. I am currently decorating our kitchen, family, and formal living room right now.

I have no idea what you’d call my style. I feel like it changes by the minute. There are so many different directions I could go with my house, but I do seem to gravitate towards a vintage chic?? style. If that’s a thing. Brass is a huge factor. Give me all the brass. I know eventually it will go back out of style, but for now, my heart of gold is happy 😉 You can see my home decor Pinterest board HERE, to give you a better understanding of my decor style.

What I Got:

I went in and immediately came across these lamps. They are a speckled gold and are not that tall, so I wasn’t sure how they’d work in my space. I also don’t have the furniture for the space yet, so that adds another challenging element! They were on sale for 19.99$ each, so I really couldn’t pass that up, whether they were too short or not. I would find somewhere in my house that will work. Our house is about 25 years old and when they were building it, the builder didn’t think the rooms needed ceiling lights… Which is so bizarre! So we have to use like 30 lamps to light up a room lol. I am a big lighting person. It’s almost the number one important feature for when when thinking about designing a space. It sets the mood of the room and plays such a big part. I spend a lot of time looking for the right fixtures to make the perfect accent. In our last house that we built in Texas, we had wall sconces all over the house and that is something we want to eventually do in this house, as well.

Next I was looking for vases. I buy fresh flowers at least once a week and am always needing a vase. I only have glass vases, so I’ve been on the hunt for brass and colored vases. I came across 2 vases that I loved, so those went in the cart! Their selection of vases was great. Definitely check them out if you need inexpensive ones. They were 4.99 and 6.99!

Lastly was wall art/decor. I have a lot of empty wall space and have been very picky about what I fill it with. Normally I don’t think twice about what I put up, or how, and by the end it looks like someone was hacking at our walls with all the random nails holes.. oops. My hubby lovessss that about me 😉 I had my eye on this piece at Target and almost went to buy it several times, but for whatever reason didn’t. It was 40$ at Target, which I didn’t think was too bad. Well, I found it at Gordmans for 16$!! The same exact thing! That made my day. I also found that hanging tapestry and loved the look of them together. That cute little cactus guy made his way in the cart, too. I’m always looking for reminders of Texas 🙂

A little bit about Gordmans pricing policy: It’s called the Lowest Price Guarantee. Basically, the Lowest Price Guarantee means that if you find an item at Gordmans that you’ve seen elsewhere for a lower price, Gordmans will match the competitor’s price AND will give you a $5 Gordmans gift card. So, if you’re matching an item that’s $10 or less, you basically would get the item for at least 50% off – or possibly close to free! You can read more about it HERE. In my case, they were already offering it for way lower, so I got a great deal.

How I Styled It:

I am going to play around with it more and possibly put both lamps on the table, like below, or I may use the lamps on an entryway table, when I find the perfect one. Which setup do you like more?? We are in the process of painting our formal living room navy, so I might put wall decor in there when it’s done. For now, this is where they are 🙂

Do any of you shop at Gordmans already? If so, what are some things you’ve found there?! Don’t forget about their Lowest Price Guarantee next time you go in!

Thanks for reading today! I’ll be doing more home posts along the way, if that’s ok with you all!


Mary ♥


  1. Yayyy! I knew you would find perfect things for your new home 👏🏼👏🏼

  2. You styled everything so nice. I loved how it turned out!

  3. They look so beautiful in your home!! Love how you staged them as well, loving the decor!!

    cute & little

  4. I’ve never heard about Gordmans before this post, but then again, it’s been a while since I lived in the States. I love the lamps and also the very affordable vases! Whatever you call your style, it’s stylish!
    Thomas xx

  5. I’ve never heard of Gordman’s until this post, and they look like they have really nice things. Going to see if they have one near me!

  6. I love Gordman’s! SO underrated. Love the way you styled these pieces.

  7. Great finds and love how you styled them! I’ve never heard of Gordman’s (I don’t think there is one near me) so I’ll have to check them out.

  8. I wish we had a Gordmans store in Alabama! I love all these pretty pieces and how you styled them!

  9. I love those lamps and vases! You chose amazing items and I love how you styled them 🙂
    xo Kimmie

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