February 13, 2018

An Outfit and Some Honesty


I recently went through a minor health issue that took me out of commission for more than a week. I couldn’t do anything besides lay in bed, which meant all my daily to do’s didn’t get done, my blog included. My blog was the very last thing on my mind during that time, and quite honestly, it was amazing. I have been blogging for almost 2 years now, and I have hustled from day one. My main focus has been my Instagram because it so much easier to share my OOTD’s and people rarely visit actual blogs anymore, so I figured I would mainly focus on that.

For almost 2 years, I have posted at least once a day, and have tried to keep up with comments, DM’s, networking (yes that’s a thing on there), and maintaining a certain aesthetic. All of which is a full time job in itself. However, I have never taken a break. I’ve taken a day off here and there, but never that amount of time. Call me crazy, but I truly loved it and was trying to build my blog. After taking the week off, I realized how calm I was and how much more I interacted, well basically with life! I have been so caught up in blog life, that I feel like I’ve missed a lot of the life going on around me. That sounds so sad even as I type it out.

Now I fully realize that starting a business from the ground up means you sacrifice in certain areas. Nothing comes easy and you some things really do suffer during that time. With that being said, it makes me feel better about it. I can’t expect to grow my blog without putting in the work. Maybe for some that happens with minimal effort, but certainly not for me. I have to werk werk werk werk werk at any success that has come from this blog. It has not come easy! I think some people not only think blogging is easy, but also that growing it is easy, as well. I started my blog when Instagram was still fairly easy to grow on. People would find you organically and it made growing more easy than it is now. Now you have to jump through hoops, climb over massive walls, and scream from the rooftops to grow!

I think that is part of why the break was so refreshing. I didn’t care about growth, I didn’t care about interaction, likes, comments, or follows. I was in the moment, and it was amazing. I didn’t have to see what amazing collab another blogger had, I didn’t have to see who was hanging with their besties and having the best time, I didn’t have to see what events were happening that I wasn’t included in, I didn’t have to see who got reposted by Liketoknow.it, I didn’t have to see any of that and it felt freaking fantastic. I HATE that aspect of Instagram. I also hate that I let it make me feel that way, instead of just shrugging something off when I see it.

So what am I getting at? I honestly considered quitting, and still might, but for now I’m just going to take it easy. I still love blogging and styling outfits, but I’m not going to be so obsessed with growing my blog at this moment. That is so much easier said then done. It’s obviously going to be a work in progress. Blogging is such a hard gig because comparison is a huge factor in it. That’s just the honest truth and I’m so tired of that part of it. I literally can’t do it anymore. I have my good days and bad days, but I’m human. If it means scaling back on my blog, then that’s what I have to do. I’m sure I’ll have weeks where I post a lot and weeks when I don’t at all, and that’s ok (telling myself this).

To most reading this I’m sure you’re thinking taking it slower is no big deal, but in a way I feel like I’m giving up, and that is really hard. I put my all into this blog and really believed in it. To take a step back is a defeated feeling. Maybe this is just an off month. Or maybe I’ll find some inspiration and feel like it’s all worth it. I don’t know!

If you’re still reading at this point, thanks for sticking around haha! I always like to keep things real and keep you guys in the know. If you don’t see me around much here and on Instagram, you’ll know I’m enjoying living my life and not giving a care to anything social media related 🙂

Let’s move on to fashion, shall we?!

Kut From The Kloth recently send me a few items, and this fab sweater was one of them. I am fur obsessed, if you didn’t already know, and love the burgundy fur collar on this! It adds such a fun pop to an outfit!! I always love adding a fun piece to a look, whether it be with my shoes, my bag, or a color addition. Sometimes my favorite outfits are all one color with a bright shoe, bag, or jacket.

My top is from SheIn, and if you’ve never shopped there, it’s worth checking out but keep a few things in mind. You MUST read the reviews on every item. Their fit overall runs small and most pieces have a ton of reviews and even include pictures, which is always helpful. I usually size up one on everything. Also beware of dresses and pay attention to the measurements. Most of their “dresses” are more like longer shirts. So pay attention to the length. With that said, they have fun trendy pieces for super cheap! It’s a great way to try out a trend without spending a ton.

My sandals are AMAZING and are currently on sale! I picked them up end of last summer but am happy to say they are in stock and avail in all sizes. I paired them with so many things last summer! They are such a great neutral sandal.

Everything is linked below! Thanks so much for reading. Hope you all have a wonderful week! I may, or may not see you soon 😉 If you don’t already, follow me on Instagram, and also subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss a post since it might be fewer coming up!


Mary ♥




  1. Love you

  2. I can sympathize with every single word in this post. Breaks are so incredibly necessary. I find myself falling into them most weeks! My posting has been inconsistent for months now… sometimes you just don’t want to share anything. The comparing yourself to others part took a while to overcome. I understand who I am, what I’m not, and that I can offer something in a way that no one else does. However, I now find myself comparing my productivity (or lack there of) to others LOL. I just feel like I can’t keep up. BUT, meeting women like you and reading things like this just bring you back down to earth. At the end of the day, it’s supposed to be fun, we all started for fun, and we should find a way to make it feel that way again. It’s when our minds are in that care-free space that’s when things begin to roll, opportunities come knocking, and numbers effortlessly climb…when we’re not even trying. Relax, sign off, come back when you’re feeling inspired and excited. You really have built an amazing community that’s here to support you! I for one am always happy to see your face on my feed! Love you — AND this outfit! 😉 XOXO

  3. Wow. I feel like I wrote this post. I’ve definitely felt everything here and I’m so glad that people are putting this out there! Makes me think maybe I should do my own post…seriously though. Bookmarking this!

  4. Love this post, Mary! I couldn’t agree more with each and every word. I love following your journey and always appreciate your sharing your honesty :). Love you to the moon!


  5. Mary,
    I couldn’t stop reading. Scrolling, and the whole time reading it, thinking I could have written it myself. I can so relate and you know I have felt (and still feel) this very same way. All I know is you’re as real as they come and I’m so glad to call you a friend.

    Ps – kind of obsessed with this look 😻

  6. Mary you know how much we love you! We have not been in this blogging business as long as you but we can relate to what you wrote on many levels. We support you and will continue to cheer you on whenever you make an appearance!

    • missmarypowers says

      Love you both too!! Always appreciate you 2. You know I’m one of your biggest fans!! Let’s plan a meet up soon ❤️

  7. This post is soooo relatable all the way through. It’s how I’ve been feeling for the past few months. When I started my blogging journey, I had no idea how saturated it was and how many people do it. Sometimes I think “why even bother?” but I do remind myself each time I doubt my blogging or myself of why I started in the first place. That was just to share my love for fashion and have an outlet for my own creativity (I work in a boring 8-5 job so I need this release! lol). My mantra is as long as even one person can take from something I’ve shared or have been inspired by my post, that’s all that matters! You definitely are one of my inspiring bloggers who I love following because you keep it real. ALL the time. So thank you for that and please please keep doing what you’re doing! XO – Thuy

    • missmarypowers says

      Girl I feel the same about it being saturated but you’re so right, that it’s for us! It really is such a great creative outlet if we can just get over that annoying mentality of comparison. I hope you continue too, girl! You are one of my faves! Hope you have a great Tuesday ❤️

  8. Feeling the same this week Mary! I think it’s just the blogging world these days. I love following you and being inspired by your amazing style, but what I love most about you is how real and relatable you are. I like the idea of taking the pressure away and just sharing what you love! Love you friend!

    xo Bryn

  9. This happened to me and I feel the same way! There are so many amazing blogs and mine is literally one drop in a huge bucket. I want to spend my life not chasing after the next outfit but spending quality time with my family, my friends and enjoying life not really hustling for a like. I love your honesty and I’m glad you’re not quitting, taking a step back these days is a must!


  10. The perfect combination. I really appreciate your honesty.

  11. Mary thank you for your honesty! I agree with you 100 percent! You are awesome!

  12. Such a great post and I always appreciate your honesty. I haven’t been blogging nearly as long as you but have definitely felt the same feelings! Love and support you no matter what!!

  13. Mary I love your honesty and transparency! I think you are speaking for SO MANY of us right now!! I hope you don’t quit bc you’ve been a HUGE inspiration to me! And I know I’m not alone! Take a break. Catch your breath. And refocus. Love you!!

  14. Totally understand! Sometimes we just need a break! I love your top and how you styled it with that faux fur cardi!

  15. LOVE your honesty in this post! I’m the same way! I’ve been posting and hustling every day for over two years! I’m going to Cuba for a week and I’m debating just shutting. my phone off and recharging myself!

  16. Mary, I’ve always loved your style, your Instagram and your blog! Don’t give up girl! I totally get you. Instagram can be so challenging mentally and emotionally. I really hope you don’t quit!! Just take a step back and a breather girl. Let your mind rest, lean in on Jesus, and come back when you feel re-charged! I would hate to see you stop blogging!


  17. I totally agree! we have our limits and we need to respect and honor that, take breaks and take care of ourselves is the most important things in the world.

  18. Thank you for being so honest! It’s so good to take a break and scale back. I think this will help you appreciate it more when you do decide to post and I bet you’ll produce more content you’re really proud of rather than just creating a blog post for the sake of it. Love your style and what you do! I e only been blogging for 2 months and I already am exhausted lol! Help!

  19. AHHH! This post is so incredibly relatable. I really appreciate your honesty..its humbling and refreshing.. thank you <3

  20. Glad you’re feeling better. Take care of yourself! (and that sweater is gorgeous!)

  21. Every once in a while. I like to step back and remind myself that for me, blogging is just a hobby and it really helps to just take the pressure off. I’m glad you’re feeling better and your outfit is on point!

  22. Stephanie Caligiuri says

    Appreciate your honesty and loved reading you post!

  23. I feel you girl. Drives me nuts when people say blogging is easy. So much work goes into it and there is just no way one person can be on top of everything, so you gotta pick and choose your battles

  24. I love this top!! And totally appreciate your honesty.

    xo, Cara

  25. Glad you’re feeling better! Sometimes it’s good to take a break and a step back– gives you time to figure out what you want to get out of your blog and what aspects of it you really want to put the effort towards. Blogging is definitely not as easy a some may thing!

  26. I really enjoyed reading your post. And Would like also to mention that your outfit is amazing, i love how you put it all together! Great job girl!

  27. You look stunning!! I’m glad you’re feeling better! On another note, I truly appreciate and resonate with your honesty. As amazing and fulfilling as blogging can be, it can also be very time and energy consuming. I’m glad you took a break and are listening to your heart!

  28. That’s such a beautiful top! And thanks so much for your honesty, Mary! I only started my blog last year and already felt the same. This weekend I tried stepping away a bit from Social Media and not being focused in getting the perfect picture to post later this week and it was SO refreshing!

  29. I definitely agree with you! The blogging industry is so saturated and it’s easy to start comparing yourself to others. I do it all the time and honestly it gets me down sometimes! Also I need those jeans!

  30. Anil Saini morak

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