August 10, 2018

Miss Mary Powers – In The Kitchen – Baking


You guys may not know this about me, but I love to bake! To me it’s an art, but I also am obsessed with sweets haha. When I’ve had a rough day, or I’m stressed out, I’ll head to the kitchen and bake my heart out. I enjoy cooking from scratch. It’s fulfilling to me to start with nothing and end up with something tasty and pretty. I’m usually baking with my girls, too, which is pretty special. When the holidays roll around, you can guarantee the Powers’ girls are in the kitchen baking!!

Since we’ve moved back to St. Louis, I have not been baking much. I used to bake weekly when we lived in Texas, and for whatever reason, I’ve only baked a handful of times since we’ve moved back. Our Texas kitchen was pretty amazing and made me want to be in there constantly, so that could be why, but I want to get back to my passion and start creating. I will, however, need a neighbor to drop all of the baked goods off at lol! I may like to bake, but it usually ends up in the trash after a day so I’m not tempted!

Here are some of my go to recipes that I’ve made over and over:

My fail proof chocolate chip cookie HERE

My basic muffin mix HERE

My Christmas sugar cookie recipe HERE

Christmas cookie icing (I only use the icing recipe in this post) HERE

Salted oatmeal cookies (so good) HERE

Cinnamon roll muffins HERE

Chewy chocolate chunk cookies (my 2nd go to choc chip recipe) HERE

Homemade donuts (made these a lot!!) HERE

Pecan pie HERE

Sour cream chocolate bundt cake HERE

Chocolate white chocolate chunk cookies (SO GOOD) HERE

My go to waffle recipe HERE


These are just some of what I’ve made before but have tested out the recipes (multiple) times, and they’ve worked great. You can also follow my Pinterest sweets board HERE! Next week I’ll be doing a post on my favorite dinner recipes, so stay tuned!

Happy baking!!


Mary ♥


  1. OBSESSED with that outfit!

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