October 11, 2018

Basic Invite Stationery – Holiday Cards

Hi guys! Who already has Christmas on the brain?! This girl does!! We really do Christmas up big in our house, and usually in October is when I start to get that Christmas itch. One of the things I get really excited about, is holiday cards. I usually scour all the card websites for the perfect design. Not gonna lie, I act like it’s life or death to find the perfect one. It’s pretty stressful lol. Thankfully, Basic Invite has me covered!

They have over 500 holiday designs, including custom business cards, picture Christmas cards, and watercolor holiday cards.  They also offer foil cards in gold, silver, and rose gold. You can completely customize it from the colors, down to the envelopes. Which is something I love! I really don’t like being tied to one design. I love having the option to make it exactly how I want it.

When it comes to addressing those holiday cards (the worst part!),  Basic Invite offers an address capturing service that allows customers to simply share a link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other form of social media to request their friends and family’s addresses which will be stored in the customer’s account and can then be selected during the design process. Basic Invite offers recipient address printing at no cost on all Christmas card orders.

They will also send out a sample of your exact design to make sure it’s exactly what you want! If holiday cards aren’t your jam, check out the personalized stationery they offer! You can check out the one I made above. They have so many great options, and again, it’s all customizable!

Right now Basic Invite is offering 30% off with coupon code: holi30, so be sure to head there and get ahead of the game with the holidays this year!





*This post is sponsored by Basic Invite. All opinions are completely my own.


  1. This is such a cute idea! I’ve never sent holiday cards, maybe its time to start!


  2. I usually send out holiday cards, and this sounds so convenient and helpful!! Need to try this one out this year!

    cute & little

  3. Oh, these are cute! I kind of want to send holiday cards this year. I’ll have to try this out!

  4. The more basic and plain the better for me! I love it when a card is simple! I need to check these out this holiday season!

  5. I love Basic Invite! I used them for my friend’s bridal shower invites! These holiday cards are so cute! I need to use them again for this holiday.

  6. Tonya Morris says

    I have been looking for somewhere to make my Christmas cards this year! Basic Invite sounds perfect!

  7. Sounds like the perfect service with holiday season coming up!! I need to start personalising my cards for all my clients this year!

    Helen xx

  8. These are such cute cards!! I cannot believe it’s almost Christmas. Crazy!

  9. It’s crazy that the holidays are just around the corner. I love sending out holiday cards and Basic Invite sounds like a very convenient place to order them from.

    xo, Laura

  10. I love these holiday cards!! I’m so ready for the Christmas season!

  11. Over 500 designs sounds like there’s so many options to choose from how could I?! Ahhhhhh so exciting


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