December 12, 2018

#HolidayYourWay – With Evereve!


Hello! It’s Christmas time!! Who’s ready?! Not me lol. I haven’t even started shopping, like not one thing, and we are 2 weeks out…. ahhhh!! This is me every year though, so I’m not surprised by my procrastination. To be fair, I don’t buy for a ton of people, and most of the kids stuff comes from Amazon. I’ll knock it out here soon!

Today I’m partnering with Evereve to share 2 holiday looks and for me it’s all about a casual holiday this year. We have no fancy parties to attend this year, boo 🙁 So, I have no need for a fancy dress. We have some casual get togethers and we always work in some holiday events with the kids, so I picked outfits that would be perfect for that! We also just took a trip to Big Cedar Lodge (more on that soon), and brought these outfits along and they were perfect!! I wore this one to a breakfast with Santa brunch and loved how festive the red was.

I must admit, I rarely go for my black denim anymore. I’m just such a blue denim girl, but when I saw this coated black denim in store, I had to have! I love how they make me feel a bit dressier than normal. I paired them with this fab red sweater, and I love the little pom detail! The beanie was a no brainer. It’s so inexpensive and I love the vintage Gucci vibe it has.

Outfit #2



As you can see it’s the same denim, but I went with an all black look and paired it with a fab menswear blazer. I wore this to a friend’s holiday party at their house, and it was perfect! This silk top will be worn so many different ways, and was such a great buy. I’ve already paired it with a high waist pleated skirt. It would be perfect for work wear, too. I absolutely love the pattern and texture of this blazer. It has that vintage vibe that I love. I will definitely be pairing this with my blue denim and a white tee. Also with my cutoffs in the spring!

What does your holiday season entail? Do you have any fancy parties?! If so, check out THIS skirt! I was in love in store ♥

Thanks for reading, everyone! I hope you have an awesome week!




  1. You’ve put together some really good stuff here. I’ll try to try to follow your site as you’ve most definately shown us a number of important things man. Peace and blessing!!

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