April 7, 2019

5 Easter Dresses

It’s Easter time! Do you have your dress yet?! I am old fashioned and LOVE getting dressed up in a new dress every year. It’s just something I’ve always loved. Thankfully, there are SO many great affordable dresses right now! I’ve rounded up 5 for you, and may do more later this week.

4 of these dresses are below 50$, and one is around 100$. Can you guess which one is the more expensive one from the pic above?! I’ll spill the beans below 😉

Let me know if you have any sizing questions, or any questions at all! I am not going to explain every dress, because they are all pretty self explanatory lol. See below for pics of each dress and where to buy!

If you guessed this one, you’re right! It’s on sale for 85 today, but sadly only avail in one size. You can check your local J. Crew, or I linked similar from their site!








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