August 31, 2018

Monthly Feature – My Friend Hannah

Hi guys!! It’s that time of the month where I feature someone who has inspired me, and today is all about Hannah! I am SO excited to share her with you. This cutie right there ↑ She is one amazing lady! She is a wife and mama, and also runs an amazing business & non-profit with her husband, NBD. She’s basically #goals. You can check out their company HERE and also the most amazing non-profit they just launched HERE.

Hannah is literally the sweetest person on this planet. She talks in the sweetest tone and it’s basically like she’s snow white and little birdies follow her around everywhere because of how sweet she is lol. She is mama to a little boy named Bert, which that name alone, come on!!! Too darn cute. If you saw him, you’d immediately melt into a puddle. Aside from her sweetness, she loves the Lord, and that radiates from her, and has a heart for people, which also shows. Plus, she has KILLER style!! We were recently at a birthday for my friend Jenni (who I met Hannah through), and Hannah walked in wearing this outfit, and I died. She looked so cute and I told her she was going on my blog haha! So, be warned that if you’re around me and I love your outfit, I’ll put you on my blog!!!

Aside from her style, I knew she would have something amazing to say. I told her to write about whatever is on her heart. Here’s what Hannah wanted to share:

Becoming More Like Love


As a mom who works part-time for the family business, I end up spending most of my days with my three-year-old son. He learns so much from both of us but right now, I’m with him the most so while he has his father’s tendencies, he’s learned a lot of mine. Intimidating? Yup. He models a lot of my behavior (sometimes, good – sometimes not!) So, instead of getting frustrated, overwhelmed, or annoyed, I’ve decided that I need to work on carrying myself the way I would want him to carry himself. Sure – that’s my job, right? Easy, right? (Said no mom, ever).

I’m thankful for our family situation. There are days, though, after constantly checking my phone (email and other work messages) while trying to make sure that the house is in order and (more importantly) that my son is educated, stimulated, entertained, fed, and LOVED, well…I end up feeling guilty. I didn’t realize how much work it really is to be a stay at home mom…who also works. 😉

I have moments of feeling like I never do ENOUGH. That no one gets the percentage of my time and attention that they need. I feel like while I’m winning small battles here and there – somehow I’m still losing the war.

Anybody hear me? Well, I recently had a come to Jesus moment with myself (ha). I determined that the only person who is setting this standard for myself is ME. Shoot. No one is asking me to work harder – they are complimenting me and thanking me for what I do. My son never begs me to play more. He is always content with our time together. The laundry truly never stops and the dishes don’t care if they’re clean or dirty – so what if they sit in the sink for a little bit longer while we finish building block towers?

My husband reminded me that the reason I’m staying home is simply so that we can BE TOGETHER as a family. And at least my son is with one of his parents all the time through these younger years. So true. Why am I being so hard on myself? Stop. It.

This has made me think a lot about God’s love for us, for me, and the relationship he desires us to have with him. The more time we spend with him (in the word, in prayer, etc.) – the more we become like Him. Just like the more time my son spends with me, the more he acts the way I do. So I’ve been trying to focus more on that. Get my first love right…and then everything else should fall into place. If God is love and I am spending more time with Him…then I’m becoming more like love. Little by little… and I can’t think of anything I’d rather be.

So whether you’re having a great day or a hide-in-your-closet-and-finish-the-whole-tub-of-ice-cream-all-by-yourself day please remind yourself that there are others out there that share your struggles. Part of being human is fighting battles that no one ever sees.

So whatever you do, DON’T GIVE UP.

You’re not just a mom (or insert your status here). You are a beautiful child of God. He’s not asking for perfection. He’s asking for your heart. Your love. Even when you think you don’t deserve it. That’s the beauty of grace. So to help you win the battles (any battles, but especially battles on the home front), try saying this out loud. (Even if you believe it in your heart, sometimes your brain really needs to hear it out loud.)

This part should sound familiar (and was taken from 1 Cor 13:4) . Say it like you mean it… I’m patient. I’m kind. I’m not envious. I’m not boastful, I help bring honor to others. I am self-less. I’m not easily angered. I keep no record of wrong. I delight in truth. I am protective, trusting, hopeful, and I’m not giving up becoming more like love.


See what I mean?! ♥ Thanks for sharing your heart, Hannah!! Please feel free to leave her a comment below 🙂