May 7, 2020

Beating the Covid Crabbies and Cute New Spring sandals – With Famous Footwear

Hi everyone! I’m back with more fabulousness from Famous Footwear! How cute are these Nike sandals?! They haven’t left my feet since I got them! They are my go-to’s for running around because they’re so easy and super cute! Plus, they feel like I’m walking on a cloud!!

The girls and I went for a drive and stopped at this little spot to get out and enjoy some vitamin D. It was amazing and gave us a little pep in our step. I swear getting a little sun and fresh air does wonders for us. My kids have had wayyyy to much screen time, so I put the electronics away for a week, and said we are getting out of the house. First day with them is going ok, but we’ll see how the rest of the week goes haha!

We are doing our best to stay sane during this time, and sunny days have been making all the difference. We can instantly feel our mood brighten when we get out in the sun. Some things we have been doing to combat the Covid Crabbies are: taking walks, ride bikes, dance parties, crafts, electronics, baking, & zoom calls. What are some things you’ve been doing?

You can head HERE to shop the Nike sandals, and browse the rest of the goodies at Famous Footwear right now! I will take on one of everything, please 😉




March 2, 2020

Step into Spring with Famous Footwear – Get Moving

Hi friends! Who else is ready for spring?! I know I am! I am not a cold weather girl and am itching to get outside and start running again. Plus, I can’t wait for daylight savings to kick in again. This whole getting dark at 5pm really messes with my moods. Ya feel me?!

Today’s post is all about spring with Famous Footwear! I recently went in and picked up some new running shoes and am so happy with the ones I chose. I went with the Nike Revolution Running Shoe and absolutely love the way it feels on and while running. I am super picky when it comes to running shoes. They basically have to fit like Cinderella’s glass slipper for me to love them. They have to be lightweight with good support, and also can’t feel too restricting. This shoe fits that perfectly! It honestly feels like you’re wearing socks, but in the best way possible. The shoe fits your feet like a glove, but the material is so soft and stretchy, that it totally conforms to your foot. It also has the perfect amount of support. I also love the white and pink combo 🙂

I typically do about 4-5 runs a week when the weather is nicer, and I do 4-5 miles each run, so I need a shoe that will stay comfortable and give me the pep that I need. This shoe does just that! Plus I love the look of the shoe. I’m so happy I don’t have to give up the look that I want, just to have comfort. I can have both with this shoe, and at under $100, you won’t have to break the bank either!!

What type of exercise do you all do? If you’re a runner too, you need to check these out!! I promise you will love them! You can head HERE to check out these exact ones.




  • This post is in partnership with Famous Footwear and as always, all opinions are completely my own.