January 7, 2021

My Daily Makeup Routine – What I use and How I apply It

I am not one to fuss over makeup. I have always been more simple when it comes to a makeup routine, unless you visit my goth days lol, I am in the camp of “less is more” so when it comes to trying new makeup products, it takes a lot of arm twisting for me. However, I am REALLY glad I tried Beauty Counter makeup because I’m genuinely loving it!!

I recorded a video today of my 5 minute makeup routine, and it ended up being a 15 minute routine 😉 but I show all the steps from the moisturizer I use, to my lipstick, and everything in between. If you take the time to watch the vid, God bless you. If you ain’t got time for that, I don’t blame you. I have listed each product below 😉 and don’t hesitate to ask any questions! I found it really easy to pick the right shades with Beauty Counter. I’m happy to help! You can dm me HERE on insta if you have any questions.

You can also watch the video through instagram HERE

Face oil – I apply 2 pumps at night after I wash my face

Moisturizer – Apply morning and night (it has a La Mer feel, but is all natural)

Face serum (apply right before makeup)

Foundation – I use medium 350

Beauty blender

Concealer – I use Medium 1

Bronzer – Just realized they don’t even make the one I use anymore, so I’ll link the bronzer from Beauty Counter. Haven’t tried it, but I’m sure it’s great!

Highlighter – Color Topaz

Blush stick – In color Hibiscus

Liquid Eyeshadow – The liquid eyeshadows are no longer available 🙁 Here is another clean option that was recommended to me.

Mascara – From Paris Laundry, and incredible clean product company!! One of my favorite companies, for sure.

Lipstick – wearing color B. Fearless but I LOVE all three colors!

If you are a new customer to Beauty Counter, you can get 20% off your first purchase right now by going HERE to register!

Hair straightner

PS- The loungewear set I’m wearing here is phenomenal and you can find it HERE!



  1. You look gorgeous! I love your white sweater dress!

  2. your site is very best and are you very best makeup artist

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